One Crazy GoFluent Party


A lot of you don’t know this but I’m actually in Paris on a business trip right now. I haven’t had time to update you guys on what’s been happening but this is one event that I just have to post this. I LOVE THIS COMPANY. Everyone works really really hard but hell they sure know how to party.

Sales team and customer service managers all went to France and we’re having one hell of a party. Pictures and more details will follow…

(Note: It’s 2:00 am Friday morning and we’re not yet finished with the party. Will these people make it back to work by 9am tomorrow? Will I ? No one knows)


Just Like Before


Ruy drove me to work today, and he’s picking me up after. Just like in the past…I’m really thrilled about it. I must admit it’s getting harder and harder for us to do this now that Andrea’s here but we’re trying…


Bad Start


I drove to work pretty early (I find that it’s best to start your week off early) and just as I was about to park it dawned on me that I forgot to bring my laptop. AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH how the hell do I work without my computer? So guess what I had to do? Yup I had to drive back home to get my laptop. Waste of time, waste of gas, waste of energy.

I feel so stupid I want to stab myself with a dull knife….but only after I eat the yummy spicy toyo from affie with my lola’s atsara!! Wooohoo



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