Ruy just planned the best gift ever for me. BACKGROUNDER: Every Friday at around 9p.m. there's a fireworks display here in Eastwood. When it starts I'm the first one to close all the lights, run to the window and jump up and down. I like fireworks, I like new year, I like beatiful colors in the sky...with that being said, let's go back to Ruy's gift.

Ruy got reservations for us to go to this place with the best view of the first ever FIREWORKS OLYMPICS!!! Wow!! I'm so excited. Hell, I didn't even know that there was such an event, grabeh the research and the preparation that he went through for this is amazing. I'm so happy!!




Our longest and most difficult tampuhan is finally over. WE'RE OKAY!! I'm so happy, not simply because things are okay, but because I'm so sure that we are going to be better after this. As cliche as it may sound, I truly believe that these fights are giving us tools that we could use in the future.

That being said, I would still rather keep the fights to a minimum. They're emotionally exhausting!!


Trying to Convince Myself


Aaaaaaargh, I hate myself for taking too long to get over this issue with Ruy. It's been 10 days since the incident. Ruy has apologized profusely, he's been more than wonderful since that time yet I'm still not okay.

I don't know why, but the incident is still so fresh in my mind. It's weird, everytime I remember what he said I feel like a cold bucket of water was poured over my head. Then I feel numb...then I can't bring myself to say "I Love You".

Poor Ruy


Why not now?


I was talking or rather whining to my friend Kresta about the expenses of getting married. When she asked the oh-so-important question, "Why are you getting married now? Why not wait a couple more years when you're satisfied with all your material possessions and you wouldn't mind spending on the wedding?"

My first reaction was "Do people ever really get satisfied?", people are essentially greedy (bear with my screwed-up way of thinking, remember I'm a Freudian trained psychologist people) and would end up wanting more and more. If I wait till Ruy and I have bought all the things we want then we'll never get married.

It only dawned on me now that I am already at that point where I am actually satisfied. When Ruy was asking me what Christmas gift I would want, I told him that no material thing turns me one right now. Nothing excites me (not even make-up!). I told Ruy I would just want to go anywhere far with him, just a quiet trip somewhere...anywhere.

I admit, the enormous responsibility of marriage scares me sometimes. The never ending saving for something, the bills, the taxes, the caring for someone else 24/7. But then, isn't that so much better than an aimlessly spending, tax-evading, and solitary existence? (yes people I am obsessed with taxes, I pay 32% every month so I have every right to obsess).

I tease my colleague that the only reason why I'm getting married is for tax purposes. That's not exactly 100% true, I also see marriage as a life-long project. For once in my life, every single thing will be up to me and my husband. The decisions, the triumphs, the mistakes, I can own it all.

I asked Ruy why he wants to get married and this is what he said :

Why not now? Are we sure we'll be alive then? Are we sure no kind of temptations are going to come and make us commit a stupid relationship-ending misjudgement? Are we certain our loved ones will be there to witness the day of our lives? We're sure now that we love each other and want to spend the rest of our lives together and its not like were being impetuous about it since we've planned for more than a year.

I think his explanation is better than mine. The next time anyone asks me this question I'm just going to tell them "Talk to Ruy instead."


I Hate it When he's Right


"Honey are you pms-ing again?", this comment really ticked me off a couple of days ago. Is this his oh-so-subtle way of saying that I'm being a bitch? Furthermore, IF I was being a bitch, why should it be automatically blamed on raging hormones? Why doesn't he ever consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, he really did something wrong which warrants my anger?

Why is it that when I'm upset, people automatically assume that I'm being unreasonable? Being illogical? The last time Ruy and I broke up (this was around 2 years ago)my grandmother asked me "Why? What did you do?". Can you imagine? The nerve, the audacity of this people! I am not a bitch just because I want to be a bitch, there's always a reason why I lash out on people.

So what is the reason why I'm being a bitch now?...I'm pms-ing, Ruy's right again. DAMN IT!




Ruy has chosen the ring design that he wants. I was so happy because it's the same design that I wanted for him as well. I find the ring so masculine...HOT!

Isn't it bizarre that the 3 jewelers I talked to all gave me quotes wherein Ruy's ring would cost more than mine? Ruy deserves the treat, my gown is going to cost so much more than his suit or barong anyway. But he better take good care of it. If he loses it I'll wring his neck...honestly.

As for my ring, I'm still pretty much undecided. Here are my short-listed designs.

I'm torn between the baguette cut sapphire and the asymmetrical style. Choices, choices!

Meanwhile Ruy and I are just recovering from the biggest fight we've ever had! Actually when you think about it, it's not really a fight. It's actually just me being very very very upset. Ruy said something very insensitive that I can't even write here. Honestly I was talking to Carmi and I think that's possibly the meanest thing that anyone has ever said to me. But then, how can you blame someone for telling the truth?

Things are a bit better now, I cried every night for 4 days. Last night, I didn't. I still can't say I love you or I miss you, or anything like that. But I think I'll get there soon.

Despite this, the wedding preps is still going strong. Ruy has been unbelievably involved. Dorothy (a common friend of ours) said:

Livi, think of it this way. If Ruy didn't think you were wonderful. Why would he be marrying you? If he really thought there's something wrong, why would he be rushing to marry you? He can't wait to make you his, that's why! And the fact that he got you flowers for the wedding? That's a sign!How sweet is that? He's letting you know he can't wait

What was that about? Well Ruy surprised me with a mock-up of my bridal bouquet last Sunday. He insisted on picking me and my aunt up from 168 and he gave me the bouquet and said something like "Please don't change your mind about marrying me?"...yeah yeah it's sweet I know. =)


The most important detail


This has been the hardest decision ever. Ruy has already allowed me to have an eternity wedding band, but somehow I'm not satisfied with it yet. I went online to try to find some rings that are not so boring.

I am toying with the idea of putting colored stones on my wedding band. So far, none of the wedding bands appeal to me, I wonder if there is a superstition against this? I'm not really superstitious but I'd rather not take chances on my marriage.

Here are other designs that slightly interest me, but honestly nothing excites me. Also, is it important that Ruy and I have the same design?

Negative First Anniversary


Oh my God, this is it, the one year mark. Finally people will stop telling me "You're preparing too early" or "Tagal pa yan, mashado ka namang excited!".

One year for me is a very short time, after all just a year ago Ruy and I were still fighting about this wedding. I also wasn't officially engaged, I didn't have my engagement ring, we had a different wedding date and we weren't sure about the church.

Now, 365 days after, everything is set and final. It will be in the church Ruy always wanted, on the date I chose.

There are things we still need to accomplish a.s.a.p.

- We need to organize the pamamanhikan soon.
- Ruy needs to be confirmed
- File leaves


TMU Photo


Here's the photo of the trial make-up session I had with Make-up your mind. Keep in mind the following.

1. My entire face was covered with allergies on that day.
2. I slept at 3:00 in the morning so my eye bags were not eye bags but eye luggages.
3. They didn't fix my hair cause I didn't want them to.


Make-up Your Mind...I know I have!


I had my second trial make-up last Sunday. I'm really enjoying having people fuss over me. I think I'll enjoy the wedding day so much.

Anyway I had a free trial make-up with a new group called "Make Up Your MInd". I availed of their free trial through w@w and I must say that I was quite impressed with them.

THey began by applying a liberal amount of Vitamin E and moisturizer to my skin. This is their "prep" to make sure that my skin is ready for the layers and layers of make-up . It was followed by foundation, concealer and loose powder.

I made them do a different style of make-up as my mom felt that the make-up I made Angie do was too Sultry and Seductive (which was perfect for me). So anyway I made them do a simpler but still striking make-up style.

My verdict? The look was soooo clean. It was quite impressive how good they made my skin look considering I had allergies that day. They're perfect for the brides who want the glowing, simple, and elegant look.

Unfortunately, I'm going for the really dramatic and really dramatic look. So I'm sticking with Angie.

For the w@wies. THeir rates are so affordable. I would really recommend booking them. If you book before January, the rates would be 5,000 - brides + 2 heads; 750 for every additional head.

I'll post the picture as soon as they send it to me.


From my Sister to Ruy and Me


Awwwwwwwww, my sister's in this "I idolize my Ate" phase. So she keeps on drawing stuff with Ruy and myself in it.


Of CD's and Mush


Today Ruy and I went shopping. While I was looking for my perfume, Ruy was looking for some CD's. The man is obsessing about Bossa Nova, Jazz and Latin Music these days and he wanted to get one (I don't mind, for me this is better than his Kid Rock and Bob Marley phase, I adore Sergio Mendez, Astrud Gilberto etc.)

When we met up, he was grinning from ear to ear (like the cat who just swallowed a canary) and I was glad that he was finally able to find some cd's. He also showed me some Urban and RnB cd's (which were more of my taste than his) which he bought.

When we were in the car already, I got the plastic containing the cd's as I wanted to listen to them. When I opened the cd's guess what I saw? (No! Not a playboy dvd you naughty mind) I saw a cd with the title "Wedding Music"...aaaawwwwwww!

I've been preparing obsessively for the wedding and it's nice to know that Ruy is just as interested as I am. The things he is obsessing about as well? The menu, the souvenirs, the church, and the music.

Just Because


First ever shouting fight with Ruy today! Wow... My colleagues have never ever seen me in anything but a good mood so they were sweet enough to invite me over for a night out. Unfortunately crying makes me sleepy so I was soooo sleepy the whole day.

And yes people, we aer still getting married. The fight is over, I'm satisfied and I think he is too. We'll be okay. I decided to post these pictures just to remind myself of happier moments.


Les Fleurs


Flowers. I adore receiving flowers, but ironically they are not my top priority for the wedding. I was actually quite relieved when Ruy made the decision for my bouquet. He wants the calla lily bouquet in dark colors. We're still trying to see if the florists can come up with calla lillies with the same color as the flowers here.

Suggestions anyone?




Here are 2 sketches from Veluz. The gown I chose is not here, it's with my fiance and we both agreed to keep it a surprise for everyone. =) I love, these two sketches as well. They are so oppulent and the materials she will be using are so unique. However, everyone fell in love with the first sketched she emailed to RUy and myself so I'm going with that sketch. I just thought I'd post it to show everyone how talented Veluz is.

Tentative Menu for our Wedding


Ruy and I are working on the menu so that we can have our food tasting A.S.A.P. Menu#1 is Ruy's choice; while the second is mine. I like his choices but I lessened the oyster, mussels etc. My family's allergic to seafood...

First Proposed Menu

Baked Mussel with Cheese and Garlic

Salad Bar

Boullaibaise Soup

Korean Pork Spareribs
Beef with the same sauce as the Lengua (we don’t eat Lengua)
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Steamed Lapu-lapu in Mandarin Sauce
Beef with Asparagus in Oyster Sauce

Green Peas with Shrimp

Buco Lychee Jello
Leche Flan

Second Proposed Menu

Spicy Chicken Wings
Baked Mussels w/ Cheese and Garlic

Salad Bar

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce (Lengua Sauce)
Italian Beef Rolls
Chicken Barbecue
Grilled Prawns in Lemon Butter Sauce

Buttered Veggies

Halo-halo Bar


UPDATES...are We Excited or What?


After several weeks of not having wedding updates, it seems like we're finally moving forward with our wedding preps yet again. Here's a rundown of things we've accomplished (or almost accomplish)

Church - Paid d.p. for reservation
Reception venue - Paid 50% for reservation
Caterer - Paid down payment, will pay 70% 3 months before the wedding. We're finalizing our menu so Engineer Alex from Juan Carlo can use our menu for his next monthly food tasting
Flowers - our choices are down to 2 and Ruy and I will decide on Saturday. We'll be paying for our down payment on December.
HMU - Had my trial make-up, perfectly satisfied. I will make my down payment on December as well.
Bridal Gown - if all goes well, we'll be getting Veluz (fingers crossed), Ruy'll be paying 20k down payment in January.
Ento Gown - i'll be paying Tet either this December or on January
Souvenir - Ruy and I found the souvenirs we liked. We'll be ordering them online so that we can begin working on them. We're extremely excited about this and we swore that it will be a surprise...I'm so excited!!
Invites - I'm considering having a DIY invite, Quitos (Ruy's brother) is really artistic and I'm sure he can deliver. However I need to compute the costs to see if it would cost me less to DIY it.
Decor - my sister and I have begun working on the decor. Honestly, We've finished 5 pieces, that leaves us with around 95 more to go. According to my sister it will take us 6 years to finish it. I hope that my six year old sister is wrong.
Centerpieces - I have several ideas and Ruy has some too. We'll be spending next weekend trying to conceptualize and see which ones are feasible.
Misalette - I've began typing a sample misalette from Calaruega. I'd rather do it know than cram this in the future. If only I was this hard working and organized during my college years, I would have been magna ( I can never be summa as Patric was there)
Ring Box = Ruy and I found this excellent Moroccan looking jewelry container from Oceanic. We decided to buy it already, we now have a ring container and no rings. =)
Bridal Car = included in the Juan Carlo package
Wedding Cake = we currently have two cakes. One that's included in the caterer's package and another from Alex Franco. Which one we'll be getting will depend on the budget definitely.
Church Choir = HELM!! Yehey...this is the first supplier we ever had, because this is Ruy's choir. I've heard them sing so many times and I can say that they can compete with the expensive choirs here.
Entertainment = we MIGHT get Concertino as Toks is Ruy's cousin...although this will of course depend on how much discount we'll be getting =)

All in all I think we're progressing very well. I'm a bit amazed at how much we've accomplished. Here are things we still need to work on in the future.

- Ruy's Confirmation
- Wedding Rings
- Ruy's Barong
- Ruy's shoes
- Guests Accomodations in Tagaytay
- Printing of Misalette
- More reception decors
- Gifts for Sponsors

Is that all? I have a feeling I missed something. HELP?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Today is Sunday, I'm bored...I'm waiting for Veluz to email me the quotation for the sketches she has sent me and I have nothing else to do but blog. So I thought I would document what I have been doing for the past days.

Last Friday I had a trial make-up with Angie Cruz and Ogie. I didn't know what to expect with this two as I haven't seen their pictures nor heard of stories about them before, good thing that I LOVED THEM. Yes them, the people not just the work. They were simple, humble, competent, well-versed in hair and make-up, sweet and very nice. That was already enough to endear them to me, they were neither cocky nor loud. They were just right.

As for their work, I have to admit I had very low expectations from them. I scheduled my trial make-up this way...start from the cheapest my way up to the more expensive. Why? So that if I'm already satisfied with the cheaper make-up artist, there would be no need for me to spend on the more expensive trials. (my fiance was quite pleased when I told him this, he said "i like the way your mind works!"...thank you Ruy, I do to!). Anyway Angie and Ogie had the cheapest rates so I began with them...when Angie opened her make-up kit I was awestruck...Dior? T. Le Clerc? Shiseido? His make-up was all high-end! And he knows how to use them well. The blending, the color combination, the shading...perfect!

Unfortunately, Ruy was not so happy with the hair. He said it was too 80's...hahaha. Well it was my fault, I wasn't specific with my instructions. I was so satisfied because they executed my instructions down to a T, and they did it artistically. Can you guys tell that I'm in love? Yes I am!! I'm booking them..yehey!

SATURDAY - I woke up at 430. There was too much banging and noise in the house. Everyone was getting ready to go to Tarlac. My lola's sister is celebrating her 80th birthday in Tarlac, Tarlac and for a family like mine that barely goes on road trips, this was a very big deal. So big a deal that they felt the need to wake up in the middle of the night to be able to leave at 5a.m.

Ruy and I followed at 7:30. Ruy just came from the province, driving for hours...picked me up then drove back to Tarlac. Sometimes the patience of this guy astounds me...really!

Our family does not have any province so I don't know how people celebrate in the provinces! (What? they don't drink Tequilla Rose and Vodka in Embassy? Why!! Do they prefer Greenbelt?)Needless to say I loved it!! The simplicity, the warmth, the camaraderie. The litson, was being roasted by their neighbor beside their house. The pig was bought from a "kumpare", it was chopped in front of the guests...and the guests crowded around to grab as much skin as they could. The sauce was also homemade. Ruy enjoyed it too, he said he doesn't remember eating so much skin in 5 minutes (yes that's how long it took for the guests to eat up all the skin).

We had to leave the party at 1p.m. as Ruy and I had to go to Divisoria to buy stuff for our wedding decors. Yes we are going to do it ourselves, and yes we are alotting one year for it as it's really taxing.

I told Ruy that I've never heard of anyone going to Tutuban at 330 in the afternoon. I personally wouldn't be brave enough (and all of my relatives thought we were crazy). But it was actually painless! We found a parking easily, found what we needed immediately and we were able to finish by 6!

I should stop babbling now as Veluz texted me saying she already sent me the email...waaaaaaah I'm so excited. Ciao for now




Ruy texted me yesterday asking if I will be having my period anytime soon. Huh? Where did that come from? I didn't know where he got this accurate piece of information as he normally doesn't know (or care) about these things.

So I bugged him how the hell he knew. He sai "Hehehe.....attitude". WHAT? I wasn't fighting with him or anything yesterday. I wasn't being a psycho bitch. He said I wasn't as talkative as normal, so he knew my mood was different.

WOW...after 5 years of being together, I think my fiance is finally getting to know me. Galing!!


I LOVE RUY soooo much


Ruy asked me what time my breaks are today. I told him 7:20 he texts me this "I'm here in Eastwood, my mom's asking me to pay for her Citibank card again...can you come here and see me?"

My thought bubble at this point was "LIAR!". This was the same excuse he gave me last week as to why he was in Eastwood. Nevertheless I'm happy, I told my boss to block off my dinner break so I can go down without worrying about my clients.

I went down to meet him and he gave me 2 books, one for Helena, and one for myself. Inside the book for myself was ...MADONNA's ALBUM!!

I was literally screaming all over Eastwood...eventually I just said "Okay I'll keep quiet now" I'm sooooo happy!!!

Patric told me " remember this moment the next time you think ruy is a bad boyfriend, he brought you the greatest gift of alll...Madonna!"

I'm so happy...I'm so happy...I'm so happy!!

Something Different


I was going over the photos from my cellphone when I saw a picture of a bouquet of flowers from Ruy. I was feeling warm and fuzzy all over when I saw the date. December 5, has been 11 months since the last time Ruy has given me flowers?!!?! THis is an outrage considering the fact that I ADORE FLOWERS.

I was still thinking about this piece of info when my lola called me to lunch. During lunch she mentioned the lechon kawali Ruy gave me a couple of months ago. You see Ruy gave me five dishes for me to have baon to work each and every single day of the week!

I felt so bad about feeling bad...huh? Okay let me rephrase that, I felt so bad about doubting Ruy's sweetness and care for me. Ruy is truly atypical when it comes to displays of affection. He's never been a flowers and chocolate kind of guy. But he's always been able to show me how much he loves different ways....MUSHY!!! Enough na




Our lives have always been very compartmentalized. Ruy's work, Ruy's family, Ruy's friends: Liv's work, Liv's family, Liv's friends...then Ruy and Liv together. I am a firm believer in having seperate lives, I don't believe in the two become one shit. Marriage involves 2 individuals not 2 halves of one whole.

Sometimes though it's fun to integrate each other into the other's life. Last Friday, I pleaded with Ruy for him to come to my company's 70's Costume Party. It's nice to see how the other lives, to see what the other does, who he/she hangs out with...etc.

Ruy, like any normal buman being is entertained, flabbergasted, and shocked with my office. I, meanwhile, am amazed at how normal his office is.

It's amazing how much our work reflects our personality. I am the wacky, funny, outrageous and naughty one, while Ruy is the serious, contemplative, nice one. Together, we even each other out. Patric (one of my best friends) said that God gave me Ruy to lessen the superficiality in my life, Ruy claims that God gave me to him to add some excitement in his life. I'm not quite sure what excitement means, but I'll take it as a nice thing...


A long day


Yesterday Ruy and I spent a long day with each other. I had to pick him up as my mom wanted me to test drive my new car with Ruy. Ruy was so excited about the car, I wish I could share his excitement but to me a car, is a car, is a car.

We then proceeded to go to dampa. On the way there we missed three turns, and got caught by the Makati police was already a long day after just an hour into our trip.

Finally we reached dampa, needless to say the food was AMAZING!! Ruy did an excellent job in marketing and choosing the menu...I can still taste it now...haaaayy.

After that we went to the house of Veluz. Let me just say that for 2 marikina based people, Veluz' house is so unbelievably far! Grabeh kakaloka. When we got there we had to wait a little while as the person before me came in late. Then it was my turn.

I now understand why people are obsessed with Veluz. She's something else! She was like a psychologist really looking into your character and personality and finding a gown that suits not just your body, but who you are as well. I am so excited receive her quotation for the gown. I really hope I can afford her


At a Stand Still


No updates, nothing happening, no meeting with suppliers. Our wedding preps have reached a sort of stand still. I hope I'll finally have an update tomorrow.




Paul from Paul Vincent Photography texted me today to tell me that he found the album I wanted! Yehey. I'm a bit worried about the cost of the entire thing but I'm so happy that he took the time to find it and was actually successful in doing so.

I posted the albums I wanted here. I haven't told Ruy about my preference (oh no! I think I should do that), buti na lang he doesn't read this blog. hehehe




I saw this picture of Caleruega and I was just overwhelmed. It's just so beautiful, it totally matches my theme.

People have been asking me how we ended up with this church. Truth of the matter is this church doesn't reflect my personality at all. I wanted a melancholic look for my wedding, I wanted it vintage-y and romantic. Ruy wanted it happy. I told him "I don't do happy" .

When Ruy first showed me this church I had so much against it. First, it was too happy. It was so cheerful I couldn't stand it at first. I couldn't deal with all those colors. I found it too gaudy actually. The fact that it was out of town and would cost an arm and a leg was also an important consideration. Third contention was that my lola would have a difficult time climbing it as it's too steep. And anybody who knows me knows that you don't mess with my lola. If she can't go then I won't.

Needless to say the first trip ended with Ruy so disappointed and I dissatisfied. We eventually agreed to just look around and find another church we both liked. I don't know exactly how we ended back in Calaruega. Maybe it was because we couldn't find another church. Maybe it was because Ruy really loved that place. I ended up saying okay.

We went back up there with a very smug Ruy. "What made you change your mind?", "What made you realize I was right?"...hahaha.

The church has really grown on me. And Ruy was right the distance made it all the more special. Only people who really cared enough about us would sacrifice their time, money and gasoline to go all the way to Calaruega.

Let's Fight Please


Ruy and I have been fighting more since the Discovery Weekend we attended together last July. Some people might interpret this as the failure of the discovery weekend, a waste of the 5k we spent on it. I think otherwise.

We've been together for more or less 5 years. Throughout this time we haven't perfected the art of fighting. We rarely fought, I would just keep quiet, be a bitch and say "Nothing" when he asks me what's wrong. Ruy on the other hand, keeps it all bottled up until he bursts once or twice a year. Totally unhealthy.

It was only after the discovery weekend that I began to feel comfortable expressing my anger, sadness, disappointment. Mind you I still suck at it, but at least I'm doing it. Ruy has been a bit more vocal about it as well. For the past months we've been fighting every time we're together. Last week we did, but we were able to resolve it immediately before parting ways.

Yesterday, he expressed irritation after which I expressed irritation, but no fighting. I think we're getting better at it!

I told him 3 weeks ago that I find the fighting refreshing, I know that I can get mad, and he can get mad as well without us feeling the need to break up. Breaking up has never been an option.Someone once told me that it's not how many times you fight that's important, it's how many times you make up (and make-out) that defines the status of your relationship. I think I agree


Entourage Gowns


As my wedding will be in the morning, I prefer cocktail/tea-length dresses either in satin or chiffon...I don't want them to look like bridesmaids. I want them to look like they're going to a party. I want them to be able to wear the dress after the wedding



Here are the 4 colors we're going to use. Unfortunately I only have 3 people in my entourage. I wonder how i'll distribute these colors??

Veluz Part 2


Halter type gowns also interest me as they make arms look the first picture shows I have no problem going as low as you want cleavage wise. =) I don't like the fit of the skirt though, I'd prefer it A-line.

Second picture is another style I really like. I like the bit of lace peeking out. So naughty! I don't like the simplicity of the material of the corset though.

For the third picture ... well I just find it so pretty.



Yes, I am posting specially for Veluz, I will be meeting with her very soon and I want to show her gowns which interested me in one way or another.

Let us first establish the theme, I want a jewel tone motiff leaning more on the Moroccan theme. Rubies, Saphires, Emeralds etc. these are the colors I want for my entourage. As for me I want a middle eastern looking gown. The works of Elie Saab really caught my eye, Karolina Kurkova's gown here really really caught my eye. From the first time I saw it I really fell in love with the effect. I also love the bodice although I don't want a tube type gown. I want to have maybe a few drapings on the arms? This is not final yet but this has been my inspiration from day one.

There's another picture beside Karolina Kurkova's, it's also a gown by Elie Saab. It's less elaborate but equally beautiful. I don't want a white gown and the color I want is a combination of the two gowns here. One is too bright, the other too dull...


Paul Vincent


Talk, discussions, fights...we went through all of these in our quest for a photographer. I (Liv) was being unreasonable as usual, I was upset with Ruy for choosing a particular photographer because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure a lot of you are now saying "Huh? That doesn't make sense!", you are absolutely right, it doesn't!

Basically I know most of the photographers out there are good as a matter of fact it is so hard to identify one photographer's picture from the other. However I was looking for something beyond photos, I was looking for a certain rapport with the photographer. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of posing for a camera (Gasp of surprise coming from the people who know how vain and superficial I used to be). Yes people, Ruy and I share the same discomfort in being photographed. That is why the rapport was on the top of my priority.

I however didn't know that I was looking for this, until I found it (very much like the quest of for the logos in philosophy but this is another topic right Patrick?). I remember when Ruy and I were looking for a name for our dog, I was also so difficult to please. There were so many good names being considered but I didn't know what I wanted until Ruy nailed it. In the same way I didn't know what I was looking for untill I found Paul (naks!).

Fun, this is one word I would use to describe Paul. He was also unrattled with my unconventional ideas and my selfishness (kelangan pa bang kasama sa video yung mga bisita, hindi ba pwedeng nasa akin lang ang video?). SO today we finally gave our down payment to Paul. We also talked about some pressing issues in photography. Here are the most important points/questions we discussed today:

  • Can you make me look thinner with your camera?
  • I don't want to go to the guests, let them come to me
  • If I look ugly in the picture, you have to make it blurry, no ugly pictures should circulate in the internet.
  • Can you make me look like a nice person?
  • I want to avoid looking like the contrabida in a telenovela, can you promise me this wouldn't happen?
  • Ruy doesn't smile in pictures, what can you do about this.
  • Yes Paul I've been practicing how to smile in front of the mirror since I was 5
  • Ayoko itong album, mukhang kotse

Vital questions to ask wedding photographers I must say!


Love and Hate


Ruy and I are fighting right now. We probably want to strangle each other at the moment. Yet I can honestly say I love him so much. And he said the same to me...

It's during times like these when I'm confirmed that I'm making the right choice in marrying him. If you can honestly say that you still love somebody while in the middle of a fight, you must have something special.


Alex Franco


No other supplier has ever made me feel this way. When Alex confirmed that yes he's available during and that yes he'll make my cake for me I felt goosebumps all over me. I've never been this excited over a supplier before!

Alex Franco is really a dream come true for me in terms of my wedding. I just have to say I'm sooooooooo Happy!




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It was a fantastic night for both of us. Ruy picked me up at 640 to go to the 7:00 buffet at Paseo Uno. To cut the short story even shorter, we got lost. Ruy thought Mandarin was in Manila. I only questioned his Route when we were already in Recto. One hour and 20 minutes later we were finally in Mandarin.

It wasn't so funny at that time, in fact I was a bit pissed as I couldn't believe he didn't just ask me where Mandarin was. When I told him this he told me "I thought I knew where it was, why would I ask you when I thought I knew the answer!"...I had to laugh. Things were okay after that.

We realized that the reason God allowed us to get lost is to make sure we were hungry enough for the buffet. We enjoyed the buffet so much, maybe too much for me. =) It was worth every penny...

After that we went to my company party where this picture was taken. It was so much fun introducing Ruy to the people I work with. It was also great for RUy to finally see the people I've been telling him about. Ruy was entertained (to say the least) with the sitcom I call office.


Tagged by Heidi


Tagged by Heidi!
Ok... let's do this!

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) Losing my cellphone, my only link to Ruy
2.) The death of my grandmother
3.) Failure of my upcoming marriage
4.) Failure of my upcoming marriage because of me
5.) have no idea how many times this animal has made me cry
6.) Losing myself
7.) Living in mediocrity

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Watching the stars
2.) Night time
3.) Romantic dinners, dinner dates
4.) sleeping in
5.) Make-up
6.) hugs
7.) talks…long talks

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I have one sister
2.) I'm going to be a make-up artist…once I become confident enough
3.) Like Heidi I graduated from premed but didn't pursue medicine proper
4.) I need to have lists
5.) I’m detail oriented
6.) I nag Ruy to death…I don’t know why he still loves me so much
7.) I’m very thoughtful

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) A cross, or an image, somewhere I can pray
2.) Pillows
3.) Books, I have so much ready, depends on my mood
4.) pen and paper for making lists
5.) Cellphone
6.) Cordless phone
7.) big bed

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) Visit Greece
2.) Buy my mom a Rolex
3.) Buy my sister a life a insurance
4.)Be a make-up artist
5.) Meet MAdonna
6.) I want to get married sana pero kawawa naman si Ruy he’d be a widower agad
7.) Have a son

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) I can put on make-up on people and make them look pretty
2.) I can speak English
3.) I can make Ruy love me even if I’m being a brat …=)
4.) I can go on for 40 hours without sleeping
5.) I can drive like a taxi driver
6.) I can blog!!! Finally natuto rin
7.) I can spurt out psychobabble

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1.) I can't live without Ruy…naks!
2.) I can't date around…I’m engaged people!
3.) I can't sleep when I’m excited
4.) I can't survive in Pinoy Big Brother
5.) I can't not eat fruit
6.) I can't stay mad at Ruy
7.) I can't eat ampalaya

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) Speaks English Well
2.) Sophisticated Sense of Humor
3.) Witty
4.) Thoughtful
5.) Smells really good
6.) Sense of Responsibility
7.) Open to PDA

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Damn
2.) Shit
3.) What the fuck?
4.) Pwede ba?
5.) You’ve got to be kidding me
6.) Seriously
7.) God

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Ricky Martin
2.) Usher
3.) Tyrese
4.) no more

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Van
2.) Ruy
3.) Carmi
4.) Cyril
5.) Elle
6.) Geri
7.) Dorothy

Wedding Expo Experience


Ruy and I went to the Wedding Expo at the NBC TENT last Saturday. Needless to say it was so much fun and Ruy was such a great sport through it all. Imagine he went with me looking at jewelries, cakes, invites and photographers.

We won an arrhae from Matus and I was so excited. I felt that it was a sign from God saying that he'll be blessing our life together. (okay I might be over reading things but who cares!).

I think one thing that really made me so happy was our chat with Ronald of Balay Kandila. We weren't sure if we could affor his services so we wanted to just order some materials to be used for our centerpieces. Ronald asked us "Bakit? Ayaw niyo ba ako doon?" to which I replied "Gusto! Gustong gustong gusto!". He then told me to just meet with him, he'll design the centerpieces and then he'll see if there are things that we can do ourselves para tipid. I wanted to hug him!! Ang saya!!

Thanks so much for enduring the heat, exhaustion, and hunger Ruy!




I was reading a book which teaches a different kind of prayer. I tried it last night and it's amazing how gratifying it feels. You realize that yes, I've been so blessed..Here's a part of my prayer last night.

Dear God,

You've been so good to Ruy and myself. Thank you for choosing us for each other. Thank you for giving us the chance to spend a lifetime with the person we love.

Thank you for Ruy. Thank you for the ability you gave him to do all the things he has to do for his job this week. Thank you for giving him faith. Faith in you and in himself, faith that he will be able to accomplish everything he needs to no matter how difficult it may seem...


Not Enough Time


  • An average of 10 text messages a day
  • Phonecalls 3 on an average a week unless I decide to call more or I decide to throw a tantrum.
  • One meeting a week unless we're lucky then it becomes 2.
  • One person who thinks it's not enough...another who thinks it's more than enough...

Let's do the math!




Ruy always texts me while he's busy with work so more often than not his spelling is less than perfect (mine is almost always good only because I use the Dictionary function). Here are the most noteworthy errors:

Ruy: Hey baby, how's your brake?
Liv: I'm great. Baby check your spelling
Ruy: That's grate! hehehehe

ANg kulit!!! Here's another one.

Ruy: How arf you?
Liv: How arf you==> I'm okay.
Ruy: Arf! I'll bite you... funny!




I am no feminist, but I am a proud proud person. I refuse to ask for help until I really need it. I drive myself around, I don't ask or borrow money from anyone. I don't make guys carry my bag and I pay for my own keep.

It's tiring to be that way. Sometimes I just want to kick back and have somebody pamper me even for just a couple of hours, but that only happens to me in parlors and spas and they only pamper me there cause I pay them too. It's a bit depressing actually, men hire prostitutes to please them, women hire hairdressers and spa masseuse. It's all the same.

I used to find men who hire prostitutes pathetic. I thought, why do you have to pay someone to do to you what everyone is doing to each other anyway? How pathetic. I didn't realize that time will come when I'll need to hire someone to pleasure me too...albeit in a non-sexual way.

Ruy declared yesterday that he hated dependent women. He liked women who are independent, who aren't needy and aren't clingy. That's when I realized that sometimes I'd love to be dependent, needy and clingy sometime. I'd love to have my needs taken cared of by someone who loves me.

No I'm not going to be a devoted housewife whose entire life will be devoted to her family so much so that she loses herself. I'm not going to allow a guy to run my life (not like Ruy has any intention of doing so). But sometimes, like at times like this, I just want to throw away everything I'm doing and tell someone "Please take care of me?"...and he will....and he can.


A Very Long Engagement


July 30 Saturday. It was a busy day, my whole family (all 18 of us) were meeting at Alba's in T. Morato for some celebration. I was the designated driver of my Nani (grandmother), I was to drive her from Marikina to New Manila to T. Morato to New Manila and finally back to Marikina. Ruy was invited to the celebration as well which was nice. I normally see Ruy only once a week, so every chance like this makes me feel like I'm getting a bonus.

My entire family was already in Alba's and they were already eating. I on the other hand was still on the phone with Ruy. "Hey honey where are you?" "I'm still in Quezon Ave sorry there was unexpected traffic near our house." I waited. I eventually saw Ruy walking into Alba's I ran to meet him outside so I can give him a hug before he comes in....we don't usually show affection in front of the family so I needed to meet him outside. I was really so happy at that time. It was rare for our family to be all together like this, and it was just as rare to have Ruy join us. Mixing the two which I love so much (okay three if you include the conchinillo) really made me almost giddy that day.

While eating Ruy told me that he'll be driving me home okay? And I said, oh no I took my car and I drove Nani here. If you want you can drive both Nani and myself home to Marikina. He then said, okay let's talk about it later. Meanwhile he told me he had something for me. I love surprises, I love gifts and I love them more from Ruy so I was almost jumping up and down and saying "What? What?". He took out a cd of the movie A Very Long Engagement with Audrey Toutou and showed it to me. I was thanking him profusely and decided to open it later. Now it is important to note that I've been whining about not being able to watch this movie 6 days ago. At the same time my bestfriend Carmi and Ruy's bestfriend Cyril said to him "Speaking of engagement, ano na ba nangyari sa proposal?"...That talk didn't end well, it ended with me sighing and Ruy telling Cyril to shut up...This is why when I saw the cd then I was thrilled and I thought to at least he remembered something we talked about that day. I then forgot all about it and focused on the yummy dessert.

It was then agreed that Ruy will drive me to New Manila and Nani will ride with my mom. On the way to my house, Ruy took a wrong turn. Actually it's not really a wrong way but it's a longer route to our house. HE said "can we go this way I need to smoke" I agreed cause of course who am I to say no to an extra 5 minutes with Ruy right? He then gave me the cd again. I opened the cd, with a lot of difficulty. Those plastic wrappers around cds are really tight. I finally succeeded in removing he plastic. When I opened the case, there was a ring in place of the second cd!

I see the ring, I see a letter on top of it with the words "Will you marry me?"...but I didn't get it. 1..2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 seconds, it took me at least that long before what had just happened registered to me! I then said "Oh my God, Oh my God..." i said this repeatedly for a couple of minutes before I finally was able to remember that Ruy was beside me and needed a response....


3 Things


Three names you go by:
1. Livie
2. Liv
3. Lia

Three screen names you have had:
1. Gorgeous
2. Ohlalala
3. Tres Delicieux

Three physical things you like about yourself:
1. Nose (only because Ruy likes it)
2. Lips..i like the shape
3. Hair, I love having curly hair!

Three physical things you don't like about yourself:
1. thighs…die thighs die!
2. Hands
3. Feet

Three parts of your heritage:
1. Filipino
2. Arabian
3. Spanish

Three things that scare you:
1. lizard
2. death of people I love
3. that’s it

Three of your everyday essentials:
1. Cellphone
2. Pen (got to make lists everyday baby)
3. work ( I love my work)

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Cream off-shoulder top from Topshop
2. Black slacks from Guess
3. My engagement ring…sigh!

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists:
1. Madonna
2. DC3
3. Beyonce (am I a pop slut or what?)

Three of your favorite songs:
1. The one Ruy made for me…I wonder if I’ll ever hear it again. I doubt =(
2. Two Words
3. Like a Prayer

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. Ruy
2. Ruy
3. Sex…mwahahhaha

Two truths & a lie (in no particular order):
1. It’s my birthday today
2. I’m having a huge party
3. I’m 23 years old

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you:
1. Brains
2. English Speaking Skills
3. Bad boy image but good boy pala…that’s hot!

Three of your favorite hobbies:
1. Make-up
2. Ruy
3. Shopping (hahaha!)

Three things you want to do really badly now:
1. Sleep
2. Sleep in a Hotel
3. Sleep in a hotel in Greece

Three careers you're considering/you've considered:
1. Spy (yeah!!)
2. Forensic Investigator (except I realized I have to hold dirty things…eeeewwwwww)
3. Make-up Artist

Places you want to go on vacation:
1. Paris (I want to see my clients)
2. Greece (my dream destination)
3. Amanpulo in the Philippines…

Three kid's names you like:
1. Santiago
2. Miguel
3. Inaki

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Be a make-up artist
2. Own the complete brush collection of Kevyn Acuoin
3. Meet Madonn

aThree ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
1. I check out hot girls that pass by
2. I can be callous sometimes
3. I can talk about sex with other boys

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
1. Make-up
2. Detail Oriented
3. Talk too much

Three celeb crushes:
1. Ricky Martin
2. Marcus Schekenberg (I don’t know the spelling of his last name, that’s why he broke up with me)
3. Ferragamo (the grandson of Salvatore)


My Favorite Sitcom


No one can say my company is boring. It's such an insane and interesting mix of people and personalities that you wouldn't believe it if I told you. But you have to believe this, there's nothing normal about this company, not the boss, not the job, not the freaking coffee machine that tells you to go and get your Choco-chino in 7-11 if you really want it.


11 Things


eleven things on my wishlist
11. a roundtrip ticket to Greece
10. Alex Franco cake on my wedding (I just can’t bear to spend 21k on cake)
9. 100 wishes more
8. To be able to read minds
7. Smaller thighs
6. Complete collection of MAC and Smashbox and NARS and Laura Mercier cosmetics
5. the perfect pair of jeans
4. A really small wedding
3. A romantic dinner
2. That Ruy would eventually change his mind and leave the Philippines with me
1. End corruption in the Philippines

ten random things about me
10. I am terrified of lizards…one ran into my foot the other day and I cried and cried
9. I am part Arabian part Spanish part Filipino
8. My mother is hypochondriac
7. I am histrionic
6. I am a fag hag
5. My mother once told me to choose a boyfriend who loved me more than I love him, I chose Ruy…Now I love him more than he loves me.
4. I love my job
3. I once spent 5 hours inside beauty bar. I had my first make-up kit at 11. I've been allowed to use make-up since I was a toddler
2. I have 20 things running through my head right now…
1. I am a sucker for freebies…free dinner, free chocolates, free anything

nine places i've visited
9. kowloon (hong kong)
8. sydney
7. melbourne
6. boracay
5. San Jose
4. San Diego
3. San Francisco
2. Calaruega =) in Tagaytay
1. BEAUTY BAR…winner!!!

eight things i want to do before i die
8. Go to Greece
7. Give my passwords to people so they can access my stuff
6. Hear mass
5. Get married
4. meet Madonna
3. eat Banana bread
2. see my sister graduate
1. be a make-up artist

seven ways to win my heart
7. Show me care and concern
6. Speak in English
5. Give me flowers
4. Spend every waking moment with me…
3. Listen to my hour-long ramblings
2. Surprise me
1. Know me enough to know what I want and what I need

six things i believe in
6. My relationship with people depends on how they treat me. You are only my friend if you exert an effort to communicate with me.
5. I believe in the Power of Love => thank you for this wisdom Madonna
4. That no woman should die without having an orgasm
3. Madonna is my soulmate…no really
2. I’m nice
1. God

five things i'm afraid of
5. My lola’s death
4. Lizards
3. The future of the Philippines, which is ultimately my future too cause it looks like Ruy wouldn’t want to leave the Philippines
2. Living and dying in Mediocrity
1. when I disappoint people

four of my favorite things in my bedroom
4. My pillows…I loooove big fluffy pillows. Mine are covered in pink polka dot pillow cases. It’s too adorable
3. Doggie…my 16 year old stuffed toy also my confidant
2. My books
1. My writing stuff (notebooks and pens)

three things i do everyday
3. Shower
2. Read
1. Make a list

two things i'm trying not to do right now
2. Get depressed
1. Procrastinate (damn liv finish your freakin report)

one person i want to see right now
1. Ruy




Friendly I miss you so much!!! This is still my favorite highschool picture ever!!!!! It really captures the craziness and fun we had then...and no friendly you were not an outcast then.

A stitch in time...


We're taking the wedding preps baby step at a time. We started out by attending the Discovery Weekend which was truly the best decision we've made. The order of events is actually perfect except for the lack of proposal (repeat after me Olivia "I must get over it...I must get over it...I must get over it"), I think proposals in any form from Ruy are just not meant to be, I think I can live with that at least I'm sure I'll try to.

I must admit that I was a bit panicked when I checked out W@W and saw that most of the Dec. 2006 brides had already started their preps...while I on the other hand was still floating on a sea of maybe-s! So reserving the church last Sunday was really a big deal for me...we're on a roll now...I hope.



Last Sunday, a bunch of us went to Tagaytay to scout for possible venues. Calaruega church seemed even more beautiful now than it did before. Maybe I'm biased, I now feel a sense of ownership as we have finally booked and paid for the church. Now it's MY church...MINE MINE MINE.

Hey I might be getting married but I'm still allowed to be a brat every once in a while. ;p




I can't wait to form more memories with Ruy.

I Miss Boracay


It has been about 4 months since we last went to Boracay. I miss Boracay so much...I wish Ruy and I can go back there, but this time without any issues..


LIV’S NATURAL HIGHS in no particular order:

  • Kiwi (the fruit)
  • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Carrot Orange Juice
  • A phone call from Ruy
  • Funny texts from Patrick like : There's a hot butch lesbian in our office, I'm not gay anymore!
  • Weekend conversations with Carmi speaking for hours without a topic.
  • Depositing in my personal account
  • Good smells, imagine stepping into an elevator and smelling yummy men’s perfume! YUUUMMMMMMM
  • Banana Bread from Red Ribbon
  • Flowers, I can’t stop myself from staring everytime I pass by flowershops
  • Dinners with Ruy…not Lunch…dinners.
  • Hugs
  • staying in Bed
  • Bizu Cake, specifically Strawberry Chiboust
  • Chili’s Tomas MOrato
  • Jacuzzi’s
  • Parlors….
  • Magazines
  • Staying up till really really late…like 3 in the morning watching sitcoms and talkshows
    Marathon’s of TV shows, Sex and the City, Charmed, Desperate Housewives, CSI, 7th Heaven (how embarrassing)
  • Michael du Villa’s perfume…ano ba yun
  • Lysol Antibacterial Spray in the white Bottle...a recent discovery courtesy of Michael
    Playing with my nephews…I can’t believe I have 4 nephews and no nieces. We have to change this Ruy (although I want my first baby to be a boy)
  • Remembering Loi’s silly comments like “mukha kang birch tree!”
  • YM with my Ateneo buddies: Loi, Patric, and Patrick; with the special participation of Affie, Mimoy, Joy, Ria.
  • Hearing mass with Ruy (it doesn’t happen a lot, but I love it)
  • Putting on make-up which I find so hard to remove cause I find it soooooooo nicely done
  • The few times I actually get to have a nice sit down people with my co-workers
  • Friday nights in the office ...can you say PPPPPPAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH?
  • Making lists
  • Talking with the clients I love "Goran, Isabelle, Stephanie, Celine, Cecile, Radovan, Christian, Sam..." the list goes on and on. When you think about it, there are only 1 or 2 clients who've rubbed me the wrong way. I love my job
  • SMS from Ruy....I'm obsessed.
  • Saying "That's hot!" ala Paris just makes any situation funny
  • Reading old text messages.
  • Going to the grocery store, specially huge Grocery Stores



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