Something Different

I was going over the photos from my cellphone when I saw a picture of a bouquet of flowers from Ruy. I was feeling warm and fuzzy all over when I saw the date. December 5, has been 11 months since the last time Ruy has given me flowers?!!?! THis is an outrage considering the fact that I ADORE FLOWERS.

I was still thinking about this piece of info when my lola called me to lunch. During lunch she mentioned the lechon kawali Ruy gave me a couple of months ago. You see Ruy gave me five dishes for me to have baon to work each and every single day of the week!

I felt so bad about feeling bad...huh? Okay let me rephrase that, I felt so bad about doubting Ruy's sweetness and care for me. Ruy is truly atypical when it comes to displays of affection. He's never been a flowers and chocolate kind of guy. But he's always been able to show me how much he loves different ways....MUSHY!!! Enough na

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