I LOVE BREAKFAST. Yes it's my favorite meal of the day, I love everything about it, the drinks, the food, the time, the temperature, the isolation.

THE DRINKS: Orange Juice? Milk? Tea? Coffee? Hot Choco? I love it all! Somehow the drinks add to the over all feel of the morning.

THE FOOD: Tapa, Tocino, Bangus, Egg, Sinangag, Pandesal, Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit, Cereals, The list goes on and on. Give me breakfast food and I'm a happy bitch.

THE TIME: Mornings. I love mornings. I love the woozy feeling of having just woken up. The lazy feel. Feeling so fresh after your bath. Mornings are great, they offer you so much possibilities for the rest of the day.

THE TEMPERATURE: Mornings are generally colder than the rest of the day. That's a good thing.

THE ISOLATION: I specially love early mornings when you know a lot of people are still sleeping, and you have this extra hour just between you and whoever you're with.

These are the reasons why I love breakfast. Unfortunately because of our differences with our work schedule and location, it's so hard for Ruy and myself to have breakfast together. Add the fact that Ruy doesn't like waking up early, breakfast with Ruy is practically impossible.

Last Saturday while driving to tagaytay I was telling Ruy how much I love breakfast and how I want us to be able to have breakfast at antonio's after our wedding. He was okay with it and was laughing at my current obsession with pandesal. You see, I currently refuse to eat anything except pandesal for breakfast. My lola offered me tasty bread and baguette but nope, I didn't want those, I want my pandesal!

Last night Ruy surprised me by bringing me a "breakfast dinner" he bought me pandesal and butter with bacalao a la vizcaina. YUMMY!! It was so sweet too... My lola was amused, she said that it seemed like Ruy's really into me. I was like duh he's marrying me. When Ruy's being sweet like that it's hard to be a bitch


The Circle of Life


My day began as a mess. I woke up pretty late, no time for my favorite meal of the day. My bath wasn't prepared (yes I know I'm spoiled) and after rushing to get dressed I find that my car's tire is flat. Yup, too flat to be driven in fact. I had no choice but to drive it though so I drove it to the nearest gas station here a lolo was taking his sweet time inflating a wading pool. Murder was going through my mind at this point.

After eventually getting my tire inflated. I drove to work, only to get stuck in traffic because of a disaster awareness thing Eastwood City was involved in. So there I was 20 minutes late, parked, ran to my office and then found out that my cellphone is I didn't lose it. I left it at home.

I also saw that I can't go home at 7 today because a client scheduled an 830 appointment. Here I am at 10:30 still at work cause my boss asked me to do some things. I don't mind doing things for my boss because I have arguably the coolest boss in the universe. Seriously!! I thank God fo my boss everyday.

So anyway my boss gave me a laptop to try out and guess what? It can access blog. Yehey, I think I've reached the white light at the end of my dark tunnel of a day.


I miss my BLOG


Here I am at home, using my sister's incredibly slow computer just so I can blog. I miss blogging. Now that things are okay though it's not so muh fun to blog. It's nicer too whine here...who wants to read about happy people anyway? hehehe

I like wrapping gifts, I really take the time to find a nice wrapper and to add accessories (like flowers, ribbons, balloons, even cloths) to make it fabulous. During Christmas I wrap Ruy's gifts tfor his friends and inaanaks. I also wrap Ruy's wedding gifts and birthday gifts to friends and relatives. One person who has never been a recipient of my wonderful wrapping skills is Ruy. Somehow I always give him things which are unwrapped or wrapped by someone else. I don't know why but I realized this the other night and so I felt bad. I then decided to wrap something nicely and give it to Ruy. I bought 3 horror books (the really scary but cheap ones called True Philippine Ghost Stories. Ruy's been addicted to these lately. So i put 3 in a box and wrapped them in a white japanese paper with intricate gold patterns which I bought for 4 pesos. I then tied it with a nice gold ribbon. I also added gold sun charms with beads, etc just for effect. It was so pretty!!

Friday night after work, I took that box, put it inside an accordion envelope and dropped it off Ruy's place. Ruy wasn't home yet and he had no idea I did this...surprises are always good. I also took this chance to show my lola the lot where our house was being built. It seems unreal "Nani that's our house!" I have a house! How could I possibly have a house? I'm just a kid?

Speaking of being a kid. Ruy and I had a funny discussion about being a kid. He admits to being a kid trapped in an adult body. I told him I agree...I hope our relationship is not considered pedophilia.



Just in case I disappear again, you know were to find me:

This is me Happy! Wooohooo


I am soooo happy. Ecstatic even, blogger worked today! I love it! I really miss my blogger account, it's so much better than wedding announcer or multiply in my opinion. So much has happened since my last blog I don't know where to start so I wouldn't, I won't talk about the past only the future.

This weekend we're going to Tagaytay to have the date on the receipt changed. As you all know we changed our wedding date and our payment receipt still has the old date and guess who remembered? RUY!! Yehey, okay I gave him a list of things we need done, but hey any initiative is extremely appreciated.

Here's the clincher to that, Ruy told me to wear something nice and a bit formal on Saturday. Why? Cause he's taking me out on a date...yehey! I'm so excited! After 6 months of bugging him about dates he finally prepared for one. I don't know where we're going but I don't care anymore, the fact that he prepared for it already made me so happy. Mushy I know but it's true. In fact when he told me last night to wear something nice I was so excited I was literally hooting like an owl, a happy owl. I was like "Wooohooo, ohh, ohh, ohh". I think Ruy thought I was pretending to be excited or just being funny but I was seriously excited. If it turns out to be a mc donald's drive-thru with stargazing after I'd be happy.

Now people might be wondering why Ruy told me instead of just surprising me right there and then? Because Ruy has learned from his previous mistakes. He knows how important it is for me to be wearing the correct outfit to feel happy. He surprised me before and I was wearing a nice nautical inspired outfit complete with cute white sandals only to find myself in a muddy field and my sandals becoming ruined. I was pissed, I was annoyed. Ruy therefore knows that I should be told what to wear for important occassions otherwise I wouldn't appreciate it at all. Superficial? Absolutely! But who cares?




I'm making a projection of future gastos when we get married. Question, how much is your monthly food budget? I have no idea!!

Reality Check Part 2


I was inspired by Van's way of thinking so I decided to list down future expenses for our household. It's a great way to scare yourself before getting married I tell you.

- Food
- Electricity
- Water
- Cable Bill
- Internet Bill
- Ruy's Cellphone Bill
- Olivia's Cellphone Bill
- House Installment
- Installment for Olivia's Car
- Olivia's Gas
- Gas (for cooking)
- Olivia's Personal Savings
- Ruy's Personal Savings
- Joint Savings
- Baby funds
- Travel fund (negotiable)'
- Gym Membership for Ruy
- ok fine Gym Membership for Liv too...hmmph

Those are the monthly payments. These are things that we'll be paying every once in a while.

- Property tax
- Car Registration (only for Olivia)
- Car Insurance (once again only for Olivia)
- Olivia's Birthday gift from Ruy - must be extremely expensive!

My gosh, looking at this list makes me want to go back to high school!! I wish my mother still pays for everything. Sigh...and to think when I was in high school I was in such a hurry to grow up


There is a GOD


Just when things seem really bleak, when I feel so down and absolutely low... someone gives me this.

There is a God!


From the Dumps


Reasons why it's best not to talk to me today:

- Fight with Ruy (worst fight ever)
-Raging hormones
- 2 hours sleep
- haven't eaten since last night.

Please don't mess with me today.



Sleeping Beauty sang....

Someday my prince will come
Someday we'll meet again.
And away in his castle we'll go
To be happy forever....




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