I LOVE BREAKFAST. Yes it's my favorite meal of the day, I love everything about it, the drinks, the food, the time, the temperature, the isolation.

THE DRINKS: Orange Juice? Milk? Tea? Coffee? Hot Choco? I love it all! Somehow the drinks add to the over all feel of the morning.

THE FOOD: Tapa, Tocino, Bangus, Egg, Sinangag, Pandesal, Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit, Cereals, The list goes on and on. Give me breakfast food and I'm a happy bitch.

THE TIME: Mornings. I love mornings. I love the woozy feeling of having just woken up. The lazy feel. Feeling so fresh after your bath. Mornings are great, they offer you so much possibilities for the rest of the day.

THE TEMPERATURE: Mornings are generally colder than the rest of the day. That's a good thing.

THE ISOLATION: I specially love early mornings when you know a lot of people are still sleeping, and you have this extra hour just between you and whoever you're with.

These are the reasons why I love breakfast. Unfortunately because of our differences with our work schedule and location, it's so hard for Ruy and myself to have breakfast together. Add the fact that Ruy doesn't like waking up early, breakfast with Ruy is practically impossible.

Last Saturday while driving to tagaytay I was telling Ruy how much I love breakfast and how I want us to be able to have breakfast at antonio's after our wedding. He was okay with it and was laughing at my current obsession with pandesal. You see, I currently refuse to eat anything except pandesal for breakfast. My lola offered me tasty bread and baguette but nope, I didn't want those, I want my pandesal!

Last night Ruy surprised me by bringing me a "breakfast dinner" he bought me pandesal and butter with bacalao a la vizcaina. YUMMY!! It was so sweet too... My lola was amused, she said that it seemed like Ruy's really into me. I was like duh he's marrying me. When Ruy's being sweet like that it's hard to be a bitch

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