I'm making a projection of future gastos when we get married. Question, how much is your monthly food budget? I have no idea!!


Cynchie said...

hey liv, for the food... mmm, yung meat products or anything that needs to be bought at the market, we allot like P2,500/month. yung bigas naman kasi is subsidized by dexter's employer, so yung P2,500 is purely meat, fish, & veggies. pero yung mga bacon, ham, eggs, sandwich, hotdog or yung mga from the grocery is another story. siguro we spend around P4,000/month para dun (grocery of course would include na mga toiletries, chips, etc.)

anton said...

I'm on the expensive side, I realized. I've been tracking all my expenses since we got married and it was like P5,000/month for grocery and about another P10,000/month for the food, gimmicks, etc. Ouch.


Ruy and Liv said...

Cynch -- thanks I think i'll be bugging you a lot for budgeting tips

Anton -- mmm, if you eat in lumierre and vieux chalet all the time I understand why your gimmik budget adds up to 15k ;) I love Vieux Chalet, you should try their Filet Mignon, Canneloni and Fresh Yoghurt. YUM!!

the laurel leaf said...

hi liv,

may i recommend a bok benc and i are using now: it's called smart couples finish rich by david bach. this will help answer and make a workshop of your financial questions as man and wife. super helpful, and good for the mathematically, and finance-challenged ones like me. :)

Jane said...

hi liv,
can't help but notice your post. we spent 30-33k per month. kasi mahilig kami kumain sa hotel brunch (which is really heavenly here in bangkok)pag weekends. then weekday, we normally eat salads and meat na magastos pa rin. mas magastos kasi healthy food sa totoo lang. but if you can afford really well, then you can enjoy eating as much good stuff you can without dieting hehhehe. good luck!



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