I miss my BLOG

Here I am at home, using my sister's incredibly slow computer just so I can blog. I miss blogging. Now that things are okay though it's not so muh fun to blog. It's nicer too whine here...who wants to read about happy people anyway? hehehe

I like wrapping gifts, I really take the time to find a nice wrapper and to add accessories (like flowers, ribbons, balloons, even cloths) to make it fabulous. During Christmas I wrap Ruy's gifts tfor his friends and inaanaks. I also wrap Ruy's wedding gifts and birthday gifts to friends and relatives. One person who has never been a recipient of my wonderful wrapping skills is Ruy. Somehow I always give him things which are unwrapped or wrapped by someone else. I don't know why but I realized this the other night and so I felt bad. I then decided to wrap something nicely and give it to Ruy. I bought 3 horror books (the really scary but cheap ones called True Philippine Ghost Stories. Ruy's been addicted to these lately. So i put 3 in a box and wrapped them in a white japanese paper with intricate gold patterns which I bought for 4 pesos. I then tied it with a nice gold ribbon. I also added gold sun charms with beads, etc just for effect. It was so pretty!!

Friday night after work, I took that box, put it inside an accordion envelope and dropped it off Ruy's place. Ruy wasn't home yet and he had no idea I did this...surprises are always good. I also took this chance to show my lola the lot where our house was being built. It seems unreal "Nani that's our house!" I have a house! How could I possibly have a house? I'm just a kid?

Speaking of being a kid. Ruy and I had a funny discussion about being a kid. He admits to being a kid trapped in an adult body. I told him I agree...I hope our relationship is not considered pedophilia.

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