This is me Happy! Wooohooo

I am soooo happy. Ecstatic even, blogger worked today! I love it! I really miss my blogger account, it's so much better than wedding announcer or multiply in my opinion. So much has happened since my last blog I don't know where to start so I wouldn't, I won't talk about the past only the future.

This weekend we're going to Tagaytay to have the date on the receipt changed. As you all know we changed our wedding date and our payment receipt still has the old date and guess who remembered? RUY!! Yehey, okay I gave him a list of things we need done, but hey any initiative is extremely appreciated.

Here's the clincher to that, Ruy told me to wear something nice and a bit formal on Saturday. Why? Cause he's taking me out on a date...yehey! I'm so excited! After 6 months of bugging him about dates he finally prepared for one. I don't know where we're going but I don't care anymore, the fact that he prepared for it already made me so happy. Mushy I know but it's true. In fact when he told me last night to wear something nice I was so excited I was literally hooting like an owl, a happy owl. I was like "Wooohooo, ohh, ohh, ohh". I think Ruy thought I was pretending to be excited or just being funny but I was seriously excited. If it turns out to be a mc donald's drive-thru with stargazing after I'd be happy.

Now people might be wondering why Ruy told me instead of just surprising me right there and then? Because Ruy has learned from his previous mistakes. He knows how important it is for me to be wearing the correct outfit to feel happy. He surprised me before and I was wearing a nice nautical inspired outfit complete with cute white sandals only to find myself in a muddy field and my sandals becoming ruined. I was pissed, I was annoyed. Ruy therefore knows that I should be told what to wear for important occassions otherwise I wouldn't appreciate it at all. Superficial? Absolutely! But who cares?

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