The Circle of Life

My day began as a mess. I woke up pretty late, no time for my favorite meal of the day. My bath wasn't prepared (yes I know I'm spoiled) and after rushing to get dressed I find that my car's tire is flat. Yup, too flat to be driven in fact. I had no choice but to drive it though so I drove it to the nearest gas station here a lolo was taking his sweet time inflating a wading pool. Murder was going through my mind at this point.

After eventually getting my tire inflated. I drove to work, only to get stuck in traffic because of a disaster awareness thing Eastwood City was involved in. So there I was 20 minutes late, parked, ran to my office and then found out that my cellphone is I didn't lose it. I left it at home.

I also saw that I can't go home at 7 today because a client scheduled an 830 appointment. Here I am at 10:30 still at work cause my boss asked me to do some things. I don't mind doing things for my boss because I have arguably the coolest boss in the universe. Seriously!! I thank God fo my boss everyday.

So anyway my boss gave me a laptop to try out and guess what? It can access blog. Yehey, I think I've reached the white light at the end of my dark tunnel of a day.

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