TMU Photo


Here's the photo of the trial make-up session I had with Make-up your mind. Keep in mind the following.

1. My entire face was covered with allergies on that day.
2. I slept at 3:00 in the morning so my eye bags were not eye bags but eye luggages.
3. They didn't fix my hair cause I didn't want them to.


Make-up Your Mind...I know I have!


I had my second trial make-up last Sunday. I'm really enjoying having people fuss over me. I think I'll enjoy the wedding day so much.

Anyway I had a free trial make-up with a new group called "Make Up Your MInd". I availed of their free trial through w@w and I must say that I was quite impressed with them.

THey began by applying a liberal amount of Vitamin E and moisturizer to my skin. This is their "prep" to make sure that my skin is ready for the layers and layers of make-up . It was followed by foundation, concealer and loose powder.

I made them do a different style of make-up as my mom felt that the make-up I made Angie do was too Sultry and Seductive (which was perfect for me). So anyway I made them do a simpler but still striking make-up style.

My verdict? The look was soooo clean. It was quite impressive how good they made my skin look considering I had allergies that day. They're perfect for the brides who want the glowing, simple, and elegant look.

Unfortunately, I'm going for the really dramatic and really dramatic look. So I'm sticking with Angie.

For the w@wies. THeir rates are so affordable. I would really recommend booking them. If you book before January, the rates would be 5,000 - brides + 2 heads; 750 for every additional head.

I'll post the picture as soon as they send it to me.


From my Sister to Ruy and Me


Awwwwwwwww, my sister's in this "I idolize my Ate" phase. So she keeps on drawing stuff with Ruy and myself in it.


Of CD's and Mush


Today Ruy and I went shopping. While I was looking for my perfume, Ruy was looking for some CD's. The man is obsessing about Bossa Nova, Jazz and Latin Music these days and he wanted to get one (I don't mind, for me this is better than his Kid Rock and Bob Marley phase, I adore Sergio Mendez, Astrud Gilberto etc.)

When we met up, he was grinning from ear to ear (like the cat who just swallowed a canary) and I was glad that he was finally able to find some cd's. He also showed me some Urban and RnB cd's (which were more of my taste than his) which he bought.

When we were in the car already, I got the plastic containing the cd's as I wanted to listen to them. When I opened the cd's guess what I saw? (No! Not a playboy dvd you naughty mind) I saw a cd with the title "Wedding Music"...aaaawwwwwww!

I've been preparing obsessively for the wedding and it's nice to know that Ruy is just as interested as I am. The things he is obsessing about as well? The menu, the souvenirs, the church, and the music.

Just Because


First ever shouting fight with Ruy today! Wow... My colleagues have never ever seen me in anything but a good mood so they were sweet enough to invite me over for a night out. Unfortunately crying makes me sleepy so I was soooo sleepy the whole day.

And yes people, we aer still getting married. The fight is over, I'm satisfied and I think he is too. We'll be okay. I decided to post these pictures just to remind myself of happier moments.


Les Fleurs


Flowers. I adore receiving flowers, but ironically they are not my top priority for the wedding. I was actually quite relieved when Ruy made the decision for my bouquet. He wants the calla lily bouquet in dark colors. We're still trying to see if the florists can come up with calla lillies with the same color as the flowers here.

Suggestions anyone?




Here are 2 sketches from Veluz. The gown I chose is not here, it's with my fiance and we both agreed to keep it a surprise for everyone. =) I love, these two sketches as well. They are so oppulent and the materials she will be using are so unique. However, everyone fell in love with the first sketched she emailed to RUy and myself so I'm going with that sketch. I just thought I'd post it to show everyone how talented Veluz is.

Tentative Menu for our Wedding


Ruy and I are working on the menu so that we can have our food tasting A.S.A.P. Menu#1 is Ruy's choice; while the second is mine. I like his choices but I lessened the oyster, mussels etc. My family's allergic to seafood...

First Proposed Menu

Baked Mussel with Cheese and Garlic

Salad Bar

Boullaibaise Soup

Korean Pork Spareribs
Beef with the same sauce as the Lengua (we don’t eat Lengua)
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Steamed Lapu-lapu in Mandarin Sauce
Beef with Asparagus in Oyster Sauce

Green Peas with Shrimp

Buco Lychee Jello
Leche Flan

Second Proposed Menu

Spicy Chicken Wings
Baked Mussels w/ Cheese and Garlic

Salad Bar

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce (Lengua Sauce)
Italian Beef Rolls
Chicken Barbecue
Grilled Prawns in Lemon Butter Sauce

Buttered Veggies

Halo-halo Bar


UPDATES...are We Excited or What?


After several weeks of not having wedding updates, it seems like we're finally moving forward with our wedding preps yet again. Here's a rundown of things we've accomplished (or almost accomplish)

Church - Paid d.p. for reservation
Reception venue - Paid 50% for reservation
Caterer - Paid down payment, will pay 70% 3 months before the wedding. We're finalizing our menu so Engineer Alex from Juan Carlo can use our menu for his next monthly food tasting
Flowers - our choices are down to 2 and Ruy and I will decide on Saturday. We'll be paying for our down payment on December.
HMU - Had my trial make-up, perfectly satisfied. I will make my down payment on December as well.
Bridal Gown - if all goes well, we'll be getting Veluz (fingers crossed), Ruy'll be paying 20k down payment in January.
Ento Gown - i'll be paying Tet either this December or on January
Souvenir - Ruy and I found the souvenirs we liked. We'll be ordering them online so that we can begin working on them. We're extremely excited about this and we swore that it will be a surprise...I'm so excited!!
Invites - I'm considering having a DIY invite, Quitos (Ruy's brother) is really artistic and I'm sure he can deliver. However I need to compute the costs to see if it would cost me less to DIY it.
Decor - my sister and I have begun working on the decor. Honestly, We've finished 5 pieces, that leaves us with around 95 more to go. According to my sister it will take us 6 years to finish it. I hope that my six year old sister is wrong.
Centerpieces - I have several ideas and Ruy has some too. We'll be spending next weekend trying to conceptualize and see which ones are feasible.
Misalette - I've began typing a sample misalette from Calaruega. I'd rather do it know than cram this in the future. If only I was this hard working and organized during my college years, I would have been magna ( I can never be summa as Patric was there)
Ring Box = Ruy and I found this excellent Moroccan looking jewelry container from Oceanic. We decided to buy it already, we now have a ring container and no rings. =)
Bridal Car = included in the Juan Carlo package
Wedding Cake = we currently have two cakes. One that's included in the caterer's package and another from Alex Franco. Which one we'll be getting will depend on the budget definitely.
Church Choir = HELM!! Yehey...this is the first supplier we ever had, because this is Ruy's choir. I've heard them sing so many times and I can say that they can compete with the expensive choirs here.
Entertainment = we MIGHT get Concertino as Toks is Ruy's cousin...although this will of course depend on how much discount we'll be getting =)

All in all I think we're progressing very well. I'm a bit amazed at how much we've accomplished. Here are things we still need to work on in the future.

- Ruy's Confirmation
- Wedding Rings
- Ruy's Barong
- Ruy's shoes
- Guests Accomodations in Tagaytay
- Printing of Misalette
- More reception decors
- Gifts for Sponsors

Is that all? I have a feeling I missed something. HELP?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Today is Sunday, I'm bored...I'm waiting for Veluz to email me the quotation for the sketches she has sent me and I have nothing else to do but blog. So I thought I would document what I have been doing for the past days.

Last Friday I had a trial make-up with Angie Cruz and Ogie. I didn't know what to expect with this two as I haven't seen their pictures nor heard of stories about them before, good thing that I LOVED THEM. Yes them, the people not just the work. They were simple, humble, competent, well-versed in hair and make-up, sweet and very nice. That was already enough to endear them to me, they were neither cocky nor loud. They were just right.

As for their work, I have to admit I had very low expectations from them. I scheduled my trial make-up this way...start from the cheapest my way up to the more expensive. Why? So that if I'm already satisfied with the cheaper make-up artist, there would be no need for me to spend on the more expensive trials. (my fiance was quite pleased when I told him this, he said "i like the way your mind works!"...thank you Ruy, I do to!). Anyway Angie and Ogie had the cheapest rates so I began with them...when Angie opened her make-up kit I was awestruck...Dior? T. Le Clerc? Shiseido? His make-up was all high-end! And he knows how to use them well. The blending, the color combination, the shading...perfect!

Unfortunately, Ruy was not so happy with the hair. He said it was too 80's...hahaha. Well it was my fault, I wasn't specific with my instructions. I was so satisfied because they executed my instructions down to a T, and they did it artistically. Can you guys tell that I'm in love? Yes I am!! I'm booking them..yehey!

SATURDAY - I woke up at 430. There was too much banging and noise in the house. Everyone was getting ready to go to Tarlac. My lola's sister is celebrating her 80th birthday in Tarlac, Tarlac and for a family like mine that barely goes on road trips, this was a very big deal. So big a deal that they felt the need to wake up in the middle of the night to be able to leave at 5a.m.

Ruy and I followed at 7:30. Ruy just came from the province, driving for hours...picked me up then drove back to Tarlac. Sometimes the patience of this guy astounds me...really!

Our family does not have any province so I don't know how people celebrate in the provinces! (What? they don't drink Tequilla Rose and Vodka in Embassy? Why!! Do they prefer Greenbelt?)Needless to say I loved it!! The simplicity, the warmth, the camaraderie. The litson, was being roasted by their neighbor beside their house. The pig was bought from a "kumpare", it was chopped in front of the guests...and the guests crowded around to grab as much skin as they could. The sauce was also homemade. Ruy enjoyed it too, he said he doesn't remember eating so much skin in 5 minutes (yes that's how long it took for the guests to eat up all the skin).

We had to leave the party at 1p.m. as Ruy and I had to go to Divisoria to buy stuff for our wedding decors. Yes we are going to do it ourselves, and yes we are alotting one year for it as it's really taxing.

I told Ruy that I've never heard of anyone going to Tutuban at 330 in the afternoon. I personally wouldn't be brave enough (and all of my relatives thought we were crazy). But it was actually painless! We found a parking easily, found what we needed immediately and we were able to finish by 6!

I should stop babbling now as Veluz texted me saying she already sent me the email...waaaaaaah I'm so excited. Ciao for now




Ruy texted me yesterday asking if I will be having my period anytime soon. Huh? Where did that come from? I didn't know where he got this accurate piece of information as he normally doesn't know (or care) about these things.

So I bugged him how the hell he knew. He sai "Hehehe.....attitude". WHAT? I wasn't fighting with him or anything yesterday. I wasn't being a psycho bitch. He said I wasn't as talkative as normal, so he knew my mood was different.

WOW...after 5 years of being together, I think my fiance is finally getting to know me. Galing!!


I LOVE RUY soooo much


Ruy asked me what time my breaks are today. I told him 7:20 he texts me this "I'm here in Eastwood, my mom's asking me to pay for her Citibank card again...can you come here and see me?"

My thought bubble at this point was "LIAR!". This was the same excuse he gave me last week as to why he was in Eastwood. Nevertheless I'm happy, I told my boss to block off my dinner break so I can go down without worrying about my clients.

I went down to meet him and he gave me 2 books, one for Helena, and one for myself. Inside the book for myself was ...MADONNA's ALBUM!!

I was literally screaming all over Eastwood...eventually I just said "Okay I'll keep quiet now" I'm sooooo happy!!!

Patric told me " remember this moment the next time you think ruy is a bad boyfriend, he brought you the greatest gift of alll...Madonna!"

I'm so happy...I'm so happy...I'm so happy!!

Something Different


I was going over the photos from my cellphone when I saw a picture of a bouquet of flowers from Ruy. I was feeling warm and fuzzy all over when I saw the date. December 5, has been 11 months since the last time Ruy has given me flowers?!!?! THis is an outrage considering the fact that I ADORE FLOWERS.

I was still thinking about this piece of info when my lola called me to lunch. During lunch she mentioned the lechon kawali Ruy gave me a couple of months ago. You see Ruy gave me five dishes for me to have baon to work each and every single day of the week!

I felt so bad about feeling bad...huh? Okay let me rephrase that, I felt so bad about doubting Ruy's sweetness and care for me. Ruy is truly atypical when it comes to displays of affection. He's never been a flowers and chocolate kind of guy. But he's always been able to show me how much he loves different ways....MUSHY!!! Enough na




Our lives have always been very compartmentalized. Ruy's work, Ruy's family, Ruy's friends: Liv's work, Liv's family, Liv's friends...then Ruy and Liv together. I am a firm believer in having seperate lives, I don't believe in the two become one shit. Marriage involves 2 individuals not 2 halves of one whole.

Sometimes though it's fun to integrate each other into the other's life. Last Friday, I pleaded with Ruy for him to come to my company's 70's Costume Party. It's nice to see how the other lives, to see what the other does, who he/she hangs out with...etc.

Ruy, like any normal buman being is entertained, flabbergasted, and shocked with my office. I, meanwhile, am amazed at how normal his office is.

It's amazing how much our work reflects our personality. I am the wacky, funny, outrageous and naughty one, while Ruy is the serious, contemplative, nice one. Together, we even each other out. Patric (one of my best friends) said that God gave me Ruy to lessen the superficiality in my life, Ruy claims that God gave me to him to add some excitement in his life. I'm not quite sure what excitement means, but I'll take it as a nice thing...



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