Love and Hate


Ruy and I are fighting right now. We probably want to strangle each other at the moment. Yet I can honestly say I love him so much. And he said the same to me...

It's during times like these when I'm confirmed that I'm making the right choice in marrying him. If you can honestly say that you still love somebody while in the middle of a fight, you must have something special.


Alex Franco


No other supplier has ever made me feel this way. When Alex confirmed that yes he's available during and that yes he'll make my cake for me I felt goosebumps all over me. I've never been this excited over a supplier before!

Alex Franco is really a dream come true for me in terms of my wedding. I just have to say I'm sooooooooo Happy!




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It was a fantastic night for both of us. Ruy picked me up at 640 to go to the 7:00 buffet at Paseo Uno. To cut the short story even shorter, we got lost. Ruy thought Mandarin was in Manila. I only questioned his Route when we were already in Recto. One hour and 20 minutes later we were finally in Mandarin.

It wasn't so funny at that time, in fact I was a bit pissed as I couldn't believe he didn't just ask me where Mandarin was. When I told him this he told me "I thought I knew where it was, why would I ask you when I thought I knew the answer!"...I had to laugh. Things were okay after that.

We realized that the reason God allowed us to get lost is to make sure we were hungry enough for the buffet. We enjoyed the buffet so much, maybe too much for me. =) It was worth every penny...

After that we went to my company party where this picture was taken. It was so much fun introducing Ruy to the people I work with. It was also great for RUy to finally see the people I've been telling him about. Ruy was entertained (to say the least) with the sitcom I call office.


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Tagged by Heidi!
Ok... let's do this!

Seven Things That Scare Me
1.) Losing my cellphone, my only link to Ruy
2.) The death of my grandmother
3.) Failure of my upcoming marriage
4.) Failure of my upcoming marriage because of me
5.) have no idea how many times this animal has made me cry
6.) Losing myself
7.) Living in mediocrity

Seven Things I Like The Most
1.) Watching the stars
2.) Night time
3.) Romantic dinners, dinner dates
4.) sleeping in
5.) Make-up
6.) hugs
7.) talks…long talks

Seven Random Facts About Me
1.) I have one sister
2.) I'm going to be a make-up artist…once I become confident enough
3.) Like Heidi I graduated from premed but didn't pursue medicine proper
4.) I need to have lists
5.) I’m detail oriented
6.) I nag Ruy to death…I don’t know why he still loves me so much
7.) I’m very thoughtful

Seven Important Things In Our Bedroom
1.) A cross, or an image, somewhere I can pray
2.) Pillows
3.) Books, I have so much ready, depends on my mood
4.) pen and paper for making lists
5.) Cellphone
6.) Cordless phone
7.) big bed

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1.) Visit Greece
2.) Buy my mom a Rolex
3.) Buy my sister a life a insurance
4.)Be a make-up artist
5.) Meet MAdonna
6.) I want to get married sana pero kawawa naman si Ruy he’d be a widower agad
7.) Have a son

Seven Things I Can Do
1.) I can put on make-up on people and make them look pretty
2.) I can speak English
3.) I can make Ruy love me even if I’m being a brat …=)
4.) I can go on for 40 hours without sleeping
5.) I can drive like a taxi driver
6.) I can blog!!! Finally natuto rin
7.) I can spurt out psychobabble

Seven Things I Can’t Do
1.) I can't live without Ruy…naks!
2.) I can't date around…I’m engaged people!
3.) I can't sleep when I’m excited
4.) I can't survive in Pinoy Big Brother
5.) I can't not eat fruit
6.) I can't stay mad at Ruy
7.) I can't eat ampalaya

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1.) Speaks English Well
2.) Sophisticated Sense of Humor
3.) Witty
4.) Thoughtful
5.) Smells really good
6.) Sense of Responsibility
7.) Open to PDA

Seven Things I Say The Most
1.) Damn
2.) Shit
3.) What the fuck?
4.) Pwede ba?
5.) You’ve got to be kidding me
6.) Seriously
7.) God

Seven Celeb Crushes (Whether Local or Foreign)
1.) Ricky Martin
2.) Usher
3.) Tyrese
4.) no more

Seven People You Want To See Take This Quiz
1.) Van
2.) Ruy
3.) Carmi
4.) Cyril
5.) Elle
6.) Geri
7.) Dorothy

Wedding Expo Experience


Ruy and I went to the Wedding Expo at the NBC TENT last Saturday. Needless to say it was so much fun and Ruy was such a great sport through it all. Imagine he went with me looking at jewelries, cakes, invites and photographers.

We won an arrhae from Matus and I was so excited. I felt that it was a sign from God saying that he'll be blessing our life together. (okay I might be over reading things but who cares!).

I think one thing that really made me so happy was our chat with Ronald of Balay Kandila. We weren't sure if we could affor his services so we wanted to just order some materials to be used for our centerpieces. Ronald asked us "Bakit? Ayaw niyo ba ako doon?" to which I replied "Gusto! Gustong gustong gusto!". He then told me to just meet with him, he'll design the centerpieces and then he'll see if there are things that we can do ourselves para tipid. I wanted to hug him!! Ang saya!!

Thanks so much for enduring the heat, exhaustion, and hunger Ruy!




I was reading a book which teaches a different kind of prayer. I tried it last night and it's amazing how gratifying it feels. You realize that yes, I've been so blessed..Here's a part of my prayer last night.

Dear God,

You've been so good to Ruy and myself. Thank you for choosing us for each other. Thank you for giving us the chance to spend a lifetime with the person we love.

Thank you for Ruy. Thank you for the ability you gave him to do all the things he has to do for his job this week. Thank you for giving him faith. Faith in you and in himself, faith that he will be able to accomplish everything he needs to no matter how difficult it may seem...



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