Wedding Expo Experience

Ruy and I went to the Wedding Expo at the NBC TENT last Saturday. Needless to say it was so much fun and Ruy was such a great sport through it all. Imagine he went with me looking at jewelries, cakes, invites and photographers.

We won an arrhae from Matus and I was so excited. I felt that it was a sign from God saying that he'll be blessing our life together. (okay I might be over reading things but who cares!).

I think one thing that really made me so happy was our chat with Ronald of Balay Kandila. We weren't sure if we could affor his services so we wanted to just order some materials to be used for our centerpieces. Ronald asked us "Bakit? Ayaw niyo ba ako doon?" to which I replied "Gusto! Gustong gustong gusto!". He then told me to just meet with him, he'll design the centerpieces and then he'll see if there are things that we can do ourselves para tipid. I wanted to hug him!! Ang saya!!

Thanks so much for enduring the heat, exhaustion, and hunger Ruy!

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