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It was a fantastic night for both of us. Ruy picked me up at 640 to go to the 7:00 buffet at Paseo Uno. To cut the short story even shorter, we got lost. Ruy thought Mandarin was in Manila. I only questioned his Route when we were already in Recto. One hour and 20 minutes later we were finally in Mandarin.

It wasn't so funny at that time, in fact I was a bit pissed as I couldn't believe he didn't just ask me where Mandarin was. When I told him this he told me "I thought I knew where it was, why would I ask you when I thought I knew the answer!"...I had to laugh. Things were okay after that.

We realized that the reason God allowed us to get lost is to make sure we were hungry enough for the buffet. We enjoyed the buffet so much, maybe too much for me. =) It was worth every penny...

After that we went to my company party where this picture was taken. It was so much fun introducing Ruy to the people I work with. It was also great for RUy to finally see the people I've been telling him about. Ruy was entertained (to say the least) with the sitcom I call office.

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