You Are French Food

Snobby yet ubiquitous.

People act like they understand you more than they actually do.

Does this mean I am someone people pretend to like becuase I'm exotic but in reality they can't understand my taste? Hehehe I actually like this result cause I adore french food...well the little french food I've tried at least



The first time I tasted Goldschlager I didn't know what to think. It was definitely unlike any of the other spirits out there. First and most obvious would be the 24k gold flecks floating around the liquid.

You then open the bottle and be greeted by the smell. It's like stepping inside a Cinnabon store. The unmistakable smell of cinnamon draws you in and comforts you. It can't be that strong if it tastes like cinnamon right?

So you pour half a glass of Goldschlager and you bring the glass to your mouth. The texture is a bit thicker and more syrupy than others.

It tastes almost exactly like cinnamon syrup, like melted cinnamon candy. You can barely taste the alcohol. So you drink the remainder of the drink from your glass.

Then you TRY to walk...and you can't.


Chilling News


I was reading some news online and I came across a preacher who killed his wife and then stuffed her in the freezer for 3 years. This guy and his wife have 8 kids together! What has the world come to?

The guy hasn't remarried so I don't think it's a crime of passion, it's probably all about money. I don't understand why they would have to resort to these kinds of things? Don't they know there are other ways to resolve these? He could have just gone to the alameda probate attorney any day and his problems about splitting his wealth would be solved.

I think people think that lawyers are too expensive and would not want to waste money on lawyers. I think that's just plain silly, they would rather kill than work things out? It's crazy I'm telling you. This just goes to show you how difficult times are really now and people are resorting to extreme measures.

Gas and Cars


My gas expenses are CRAZY. I think at the beginning of the year it was at around 42Php per liter and now it's at 60Php. So going to work now costs me more, interestingly enough my salary is still the same (ooops, hope my boss doesn't read this).

Ruy's luckier in this area. He gets free gas which is of course a huge thing for us otherwise we'd have to pay for his gasoline from Manila to Pampanga, Tuguegarao, Apari and back. Just thinking about the possible cost of that is giving me headaches.

My cousin in california was telling me that they're experiencing the exact same thing over there. Most people are actually giving up their fords and gm cars because they're gas guzzlers. He said that if you go to any used car san diego or rather any used car shop in san diego you'd find dozens of these kinds of cars selling for next to nothing.

On one hand, it's nice to know that the Philippines is not the only country hard hit by the rising gas prices on the other hand the fact that other countries are feeling it to makes it seem more out of control. SIGH my posts are depressing aren't they?


Payday Loans


So here's more on depressing money talk. Every single time I go out with people the talk inevitably goes to money. Only a handful of people are immune to the down spiral of our economy and the insane inflationary rate. Can you believe that the inflationary rate for the 2nd quarter of the year is actually double to projected inflation?

A whole lot of people are beginning to live from paycheck to paycheck and we all know how unhealthy that is. What happens when you have an unexpected emergency? Where are you going to get the funds for that? I guess this is why payday loans are becoming so popular huh?

Is this why a taste of married life hasn't been eating? NO! We still eat a us.

Economy and My Pocket


I went to the market today and saw the price of rice. 35-60 a kilo! Can you believe it? It's crazy how expensive everything has become.

A lot of people I know are having difficulties making ends meet and these are professionals who work over 9 hours each and every day. Can you imagine how much more difficult it is for those who are trying to subsist on minimum wages? Andrea's yaya said that in her province rice costs 65-70. How can her family afford that? No wonder this poor girl has been relying so much on cash advances from me.

It's terribly sad how this is happening to the Philippines. We used to be the best in rice production and now we can't even afford rice?


Do you understand a word that’s coming out of my mouth


"Do you understand a word that’s coming out of my mouth?"

-- Chris Tucker, Rush Hour

I feel like our darling baby Andrea is going to channel Chris Tucker and tell us this line very soon. She has been talking non stop lately but there are times (though it doesn’t happen often) when neither Ruy or myself could understand what she’s saying. It’s terrible cause you can see the frustration on her face whenever she’s trying to express something and she tries and tries and tries but still no understanding from us.

I feel so bad cause I’m the mother and I’m supposed to understand my daughter right? I also feel horrible cause at the end of the day I still don’t understand what she’s trying to say and unfortunately language translation services for baby talk don't exist as of yet.

Despite this occassional issue with communication Andrea's growing and developing unbelievably well (hey, I'm entitled to be biased cause I'm the mom)... Here's how she looks like now.


Decorating Bug


Van and I have been putting finishing touches in our little homes. Van is of course so much more into the design aspect of home interiors. In fact, the most common phrase Ruy has been hearing from me is "Whatever's cheaper" (needless to say this frustrates Ruy to no end). Van and I have been talking about this so much that Jen B. got bit by the decorating bug as well.

She asked us to help her decorate her main living room. I think Van and I got over eager with having the creative freedom of redecorating the room and not having to spend a single dollar. We looked at so many things like coffee tables around the san francisco area, we also looked at rugs and lamps...we got too excited that we even looked at beds san diego or rather beds found in San Diego. The site where we saw these beds were quite affordable so we would definitely look into their other furniture more.

Inheritance Talks


Dozens of families have been torn apart by feuds over inheritance. My own family has had bouts with this issue and trust me fangs and claws come out when the talk turns to money and properties.

I was watching Crime Night from Discovery Channel and I was shocked at the lengths people will go just to get their inheritance early. There was a son who murdered his entire family just to get the money and the property! Can you believe that?

I do know that desperate times have driven a whole lot of people to desperate measures. Luckily killing your parents need not be an option anymore. Did you know that there are now ways of getting your inheritance money safely and legally!! (What's the use of the inheritance money if you'll end up in jail right?)

You can cash in parts of your inheritance any time! Processing takes only 72 hours. This will save you a whole lot of time, effort, worry ...and blood! =)

Now as for Andrea, the only inheritance she'll get from Ruy and myself would be this blog...poor girl.




Ruy and I are fans of the rich choco concoctions from Xocolat. We know of their branches in Eastwood and in Megamall and we were thrilled when they opened a new branch in Serendra.

This branch has an expanded menu with selections not offered in other branches.

Ruy is obsessed with this caviar mixture, the name of which escapes us right now. It's basically a mixture of cream cheese and caviar. You basically spread it on this toasted pita slices. Those who want to lessen the fishy taste of the caviar can squeeze the lemon on top of the caviar.

This is of course not your top of the line caviar, but it does satisfy for those cravings that you just can't shake off (like the one Ruy had). We usually end up finishing the bread before finishing the spread so we have to get an extra order of bread with this dish.

One cannot and must not go to Xocolat without having some of their chocolate offerings. I cannot tell you about these wonderful chocolate concoctions without the disclaimer that these are not for the weak of heart.
A personal favorite of mine would be the Taza de Xocolat. A sinfully rich and thick hot chocolate drink which some people find overwhelming but I am in love with.
For this trip however we tried something which is just as sinful but more for sharing. This is called the Frozen Hot Chocolate. An irony in name and a surprise in your mouth. This is eaten by popping a piece into your mouth, then feel the cold chocolate slowly melting and coating your tongue and throat with the richest, smoothest chocolate.
I've never gotten drunk on chocolate...not until I've had this.

We Apologize


We're so sorry for not blogging more often. We're putting the finishing touches to our home and it's been CRAAAZY! We'll try better promise!



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