Decorating Bug

Van and I have been putting finishing touches in our little homes. Van is of course so much more into the design aspect of home interiors. In fact, the most common phrase Ruy has been hearing from me is "Whatever's cheaper" (needless to say this frustrates Ruy to no end). Van and I have been talking about this so much that Jen B. got bit by the decorating bug as well.

She asked us to help her decorate her main living room. I think Van and I got over eager with having the creative freedom of redecorating the room and not having to spend a single dollar. We looked at so many things like coffee tables around the san francisco area, we also looked at rugs and lamps...we got too excited that we even looked at beds san diego or rather beds found in San Diego. The site where we saw these beds were quite affordable so we would definitely look into their other furniture more.

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Emilie said...

My husband is that kind of a person. You'd hear him say something like, "Yes, sure, let's do whatever's cheaper."

Never mind the fact that it won't last very long and we'll replace it very soon. Not to mention that none of us will like it.



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