Gas and Cars

My gas expenses are CRAZY. I think at the beginning of the year it was at around 42Php per liter and now it's at 60Php. So going to work now costs me more, interestingly enough my salary is still the same (ooops, hope my boss doesn't read this).

Ruy's luckier in this area. He gets free gas which is of course a huge thing for us otherwise we'd have to pay for his gasoline from Manila to Pampanga, Tuguegarao, Apari and back. Just thinking about the possible cost of that is giving me headaches.

My cousin in california was telling me that they're experiencing the exact same thing over there. Most people are actually giving up their fords and gm cars because they're gas guzzlers. He said that if you go to any used car san diego or rather any used car shop in san diego you'd find dozens of these kinds of cars selling for next to nothing.

On one hand, it's nice to know that the Philippines is not the only country hard hit by the rising gas prices on the other hand the fact that other countries are feeling it to makes it seem more out of control. SIGH my posts are depressing aren't they?

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