The first time I tasted Goldschlager I didn't know what to think. It was definitely unlike any of the other spirits out there. First and most obvious would be the 24k gold flecks floating around the liquid.

You then open the bottle and be greeted by the smell. It's like stepping inside a Cinnabon store. The unmistakable smell of cinnamon draws you in and comforts you. It can't be that strong if it tastes like cinnamon right?

So you pour half a glass of Goldschlager and you bring the glass to your mouth. The texture is a bit thicker and more syrupy than others.

It tastes almost exactly like cinnamon syrup, like melted cinnamon candy. You can barely taste the alcohol. So you drink the remainder of the drink from your glass.

Then you TRY to walk...and you can't.



carlotta1924 said...

wow ganun kalakas ang tama? yikes. =) i love cinnamon. never mind if that's liquor. where can i get this? :D

spanx said...

love this!!!

lalo na pag dr. pepper ang chaser!

how's ruy, liv?
nananahimik na naman si Jedi Master!

Toni said...

It's been awhile since I've tried this! :P Ah, memories of those crazier days. Haha!

dyosa said...

ugh, Goldschlager.

just 2,3,4,5 shots.

i was still able to walk...
to the bathroom towards the toilet bowl. ugh. i even saw the black olives i ate earlier that day.

then, the lights went out, er, i actually passed out.

LOL. Crazy.



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