Do you understand a word that’s coming out of my mouth

"Do you understand a word that’s coming out of my mouth?"

-- Chris Tucker, Rush Hour

I feel like our darling baby Andrea is going to channel Chris Tucker and tell us this line very soon. She has been talking non stop lately but there are times (though it doesn’t happen often) when neither Ruy or myself could understand what she’s saying. It’s terrible cause you can see the frustration on her face whenever she’s trying to express something and she tries and tries and tries but still no understanding from us.

I feel so bad cause I’m the mother and I’m supposed to understand my daughter right? I also feel horrible cause at the end of the day I still don’t understand what she’s trying to say and unfortunately language translation services for baby talk don't exist as of yet.

Despite this occassional issue with communication Andrea's growing and developing unbelievably well (hey, I'm entitled to be biased cause I'm the mom)... Here's how she looks like now.


mirage2g said...

Probably she's discovering her own language at this moment, you'll caught it soon, dont worry =) welcome back!

Cynthia said...

She's so beautiful!

Litzie said...

Si Dustin din ang daming sinasabi pero di ko naiintindihan. Buti pa nga si Andrea wide vocabulary na eh si Dustin limited pa rin ang words na we understand. With intelligent parents, I'm sure she'll be saying long sentences in no time.

She is adorable and I really love that photo of her!

acey said...

beautiful kid!

carlotta1924 said...

wow, she's getting to be so big already!

Alisha said...


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