Chilling News

I was reading some news online and I came across a preacher who killed his wife and then stuffed her in the freezer for 3 years. This guy and his wife have 8 kids together! What has the world come to?

The guy hasn't remarried so I don't think it's a crime of passion, it's probably all about money. I don't understand why they would have to resort to these kinds of things? Don't they know there are other ways to resolve these? He could have just gone to the alameda probate attorney any day and his problems about splitting his wealth would be solved.

I think people think that lawyers are too expensive and would not want to waste money on lawyers. I think that's just plain silly, they would rather kill than work things out? It's crazy I'm telling you. This just goes to show you how difficult times are really now and people are resorting to extreme measures.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
I read that news too, regarding preacher, it's worse than you think. It's not about the money but a lot worse, the wife caught the husband sexually abusing their daughter (or her daughter from previous relationship).
Some people just choose to do the wrong thing. It's a good thing the victim (now 19) finally told someone of her ordeal and the monster has finally been caught.



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