Ruy and I are fans of the rich choco concoctions from Xocolat. We know of their branches in Eastwood and in Megamall and we were thrilled when they opened a new branch in Serendra.

This branch has an expanded menu with selections not offered in other branches.

Ruy is obsessed with this caviar mixture, the name of which escapes us right now. It's basically a mixture of cream cheese and caviar. You basically spread it on this toasted pita slices. Those who want to lessen the fishy taste of the caviar can squeeze the lemon on top of the caviar.

This is of course not your top of the line caviar, but it does satisfy for those cravings that you just can't shake off (like the one Ruy had). We usually end up finishing the bread before finishing the spread so we have to get an extra order of bread with this dish.

One cannot and must not go to Xocolat without having some of their chocolate offerings. I cannot tell you about these wonderful chocolate concoctions without the disclaimer that these are not for the weak of heart.
A personal favorite of mine would be the Taza de Xocolat. A sinfully rich and thick hot chocolate drink which some people find overwhelming but I am in love with.
For this trip however we tried something which is just as sinful but more for sharing. This is called the Frozen Hot Chocolate. An irony in name and a surprise in your mouth. This is eaten by popping a piece into your mouth, then feel the cold chocolate slowly melting and coating your tongue and throat with the richest, smoothest chocolate.
I've never gotten drunk on chocolate...not until I've had this.


Em Dy said...

I always pass by their store in Greenhills but have not had the chance to try it. Your post has just made me curious. Thanks for the tips.

Marj and Carlos said...

Not a big fan of chocolate. That's a good thing since that can be fattening :p I do love looking at dessert though :D

Sakai said...

glad ur blogging again.. we missed u guys

dreamwalker said...

Oooh the frozen chocolate balls! Are they still as cold as they used to? ;)

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carlotta1924 said...

o. mi. goodness. that frozen hot chocolate looks sooooo enticing! i better tell this to my other chocolate-loving friends =)

glad to see you guys blogging again! =)

spanx said...

welcome back, liv!

it's about time.


kailan mo kami ipagluluto
sa bagong bahay? ",)

* said...

wow, the frozen chocolate looks delicious! i should try it!!! There's chocolat here in MOA, is it different that Xocolat in Serendra? :)



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