How We Choose Restos


Ruy and I have been going out for almost a decade and choosing a place to eat is still as difficult as ever. Whenever we go out there are different things we consider, these are:

  1. Craving - I'm usually the one with the cravings and so Ruy has to choose between letting me have what I'm craving for or hearing me whine for two weeks (true story!). My cravings are so insane that I once made Ruy eat in Jatujak 3 days in a row. (Side story: my cravings disappeared when I got pregnant, weird huh?!)
  2. Price Point - are we in a kuripot mode or not? The interesting thing here is that when we eat in inexpensive places we usually end up spending just as much as we would in pricier joints. I think we get carried away with the ordering when we see the cheap price.
  3. Family Place or Not - We don't bring Andrea to bars or drinking places like Gerry's or Dencio's, etc. If we're taking Andrea we need a place with space for her to walk around and run around. If we're not taking her then this is not part of the options at all.
  4. Atmosphere - lighting is essential together with the restaurant furniture. When I'm stressed I look for restaurants with nice booths where I can snuggle up with Ruy or Andrea. Other times, nice restaurant chairs would suffice. (Incidentally I saw a site called Fashion Seating with really great furniture for your restaurants. The price is just unbelievable and their selection is HUGE. Why am I looking at this? Well let's just say that it's a dream of Ruy to open up his own resto in the future and it looks like the only thing we can afford at this point are the bar stools, chairs and tables for http//
  5. Location - we have no problem going to Tagaytay, Pampangga, or Subic just to eat but you'll have a difficult time inviting us to Makati. Ruy and I have an irrational fear of Makati...don't ask my why. =)

This is how we do you guys choose?



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