Work, Work, Work


I spent the whole day working yesterday, from 10am to 12am (yup, that's 12 hours in the office) then I waited for 30 minutes for the elevator to pick me up(damn these eastwood elevators). I walked towards the parking area when I suddenly came across some people in the office having drinks in Jack's Loft. You see our big boss is here and he loves his WENGWENG. =) So I was sucked in by the celebration and spent an hour and a half there blabbering away. Someone said...let's be pigs and have a buffet breakfast in Something Fishy....yehey! I love the buffet breakfast there despite the fact that it sucks. =) It's cheap food but I swear to god, I can subsist on it....I'm craving for the palitaw as we speak. For a breakfast whore like me, that place is a gold mine. So anyway at 2:30 am I ended up hauling my big ass home and seeing that I had 9 missed calls and 14 messages in my cellphone...whoooops I forgot to tell people I wasn't going home. I was supposed to be home by 7 so everyone was a bit panicky.

Now it's 8 in the morning, 5 hours after I arrived home, and I'm back in the office. I have a LONG day ahead of me. I'll be talking for 14 hours straight and I swear to God I'll be dead by the end of the day. WISH ME LUCK!!


College Escapades = 2


There was a time when i was deluded into thinking that I would go to medschool. Because of this delusion my friends (Loi and Patrick) and I all took up Comparative Anatomy under the bird lady. We have a love-hate relationship with this woman. She made us do crazy things like have a whole chicken eating contests and then had us rebuild the chicken bones.... THEN she would point at certain bones, ask us the name and what is th counterpart of this bone in the human body.

The worst part of comparative anatomy came when she told everyone in class that foot spas are useless as the dead skin would grow back anyway. I BLEW UP...Patric still remembers this time fondly. I told her "So why do you brush your teeth? It will get dirty anyway. Why do you take a bath, you will get dirty too!"... I told Patric I didn't know why I got so emotional over this argument. Patric said it was because she was going against the things I stood for "Which are beauty, indulgence and hygiene"

During the latter part of the sem, things got better. Our comparative anatomy group (which included Mishi) had the cleanest and most organized working area. Thanks to the impeccable hygiene of my groupmates. (we had Lysol spray, Lysol wipes, alcohol) Trust me, dissecting a cat can get pretty nasty and gross.

This picture was our cover for our last project as a group for this class. It was incredibly stupid but we loved it at that time. We photoshopped a flying cat being released by Loi. I MISS YOU GUYS...

College Escapades


Once upon a time, there were 3 friends named Patric (in the striped shirt), Loi (carrying the baby), and Liv (wearing the white Ateneo tank top) these three friends liked receiving expensive gift so they thought of a scheme. "Why don't we give a collective gift to people so they'd be forced to give each of us gifts?"

Their plan was brilliant! They would get the cheapest cookies you could buy (the ones that came in pails, similar to what your maid buys when she goes back to the province) and they would decorate it a bit to make it look like they baked it themselves. Then they would give it to everyone a week before Christmas break, so people would have the chance to buy gifts for them. The best part about this, was that they'll be spending around 200 pesos each to give gifts to around 30 people. That would give them a lot of money to spend on gifts for each other!

They divided the plan among themselves. Loi was in charge of the cookies, Liv of the chocolate and other decors and Patric of the wrapping.

So they bought chocolate blocks from Chocolate Lovers, and a pail of cookies from a grocery (courtesy of Loi's mom, thanks Tita Gila). They melted the chocolate and made various chocolate designs on the hundreds of cookies they bought.

Then someone came up with a great idea: "We need to have our pictures taken in front of the cookies so that everyone would believe we really made it." Thus the picture on top. (NOTE: the mittens were unused and the tupperware is empty)

Then came the packaging. They cooked up a 'factory line' sort of process to wrap everything.

The finished product was excellent! The best thing about it was that no one can say anything bad about it cause it was 'homemade'.

A few months after, they suddenly remembered. They were so focused on the cookies, they forgot to give gifts to themselves....bummer.


The Weekend that Was


Where the hell did my weekend go? It seems I just inhaled them all away. It seems that it passed without my noticing it. What was I able to accomplish over the weekend? Nothing. I brought home work and I wasn't even able to pen my files.....aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghh.

Last Saturday we visited this restaurant in Marikina called Windmill. We've (of course you know that when I say we I mean Ruy and myself) heard some raves about this restaurant so we decided to try it out. It claims to serve up steaks, barbecues and authentic Marikina dishes. Ruy and I decided not to try the Marikina Dishes (I'm not too fond of Waknatoy and Ruy doesn't like Everlasting ad Pininyahan), instead we settled for the steak and barbecue. Now when I saw the sign outside which said Barbecue I had images of juicy and succulent Instead we had a 15 peso barbecue on a stick. BUMMER. I didn't like the look of the meat on the stick so I refused to try it I think Ruy said it was average tasting though. While waiting for our tenderloin steaks, we feasted (okay, feasted is an exaggeration) on their garden salad and laing. The gardn salad was the pitts. The dressing was ketchup and mayo (the marikina version of thousand island) and instead of lettuce, it had cabbages for greens. DAMN! The laing was okay but lacking in coco milk. The steaks were a different story though, they were quite good, but pricey for 90 pesos. Pricey cause the cuts weren't too big. I curse the person who told me about this place, we could have gone to Mr. Kabab or Hot Racks. hmmmph

After the disastrous lunch. We went window shopping in MC Home Depot. Ruy decided to have a hotdog from the stand first as our lunch left us both hungry. I had no idea shopping for toilet bowls and bathroom tiles could be so difficult. It's a good thing Ruy and I have agreed on a theme, it makes things a bit easier. We both wanted a strip of stone wall in the bathroom to give it a more "zen" feel. And instead of the typical bathroom tiles, we'll be using textured materials. Like the kind you'll use outside...wooohooo. I love it!

Ruy dropped me off in Marikina so I could wait for my family. My lola finished cooking her KARE-KARE (which is to die for) which I will be bringing over to Ruy's house. You see, my mom, stepdad, aunt and sister were going to see the house Ruy and I are having built for the first time. Ruy's parents were gracious enought to invite us to dinner after as well. It's like pamamanhikan part 2.

I was so proud of Ruy cause he was such a great host. His pizza made from scratch was yummy, and my mom and step dad loved his baked tilapia in Oyster sauce recipe. Ofcourse I was teased for not knowing how to cook. I wish I could refute that statement, but it's true. I don't know how to cook.

It was weird cause going there I got so pissed off my mom and step dad I really blew up in the car. And then we had to be all smiles when we got to Ruy's house. Hypocrisy? Maybe, but I'd rather call it being polite.

My mom said our house was "cute". A polite word for minutely tiny. =) I don't mind, I love the coziness and the fact that it can get paid very quickly. Then we can set our sights on a bigger house. Ruy's dream house is actually very reachable. I hope we'll be able to get that in 10 years....wooohooo talks about the future makes me feel giddy.

Taataa for now. I better work


Light at the End of the Tunnel


It was a holiday in France yesterday so I was free to bum around and do nothing, that's not what I did though. I started my day pretty early, drove to New Manila where my sister and mom were. We had breakfast and we went our seperate ways, my mom drove my sister to her Kumon class while I did some transactions in the bank. My mom took my car (cause I parked blocking hers) so I ended up walking from the bank to our house. Yeah I know I could have waited for my mother, but I had to watch the season finale of American Idol so I braved the sun and walked the 5 minute walk to my house.

While watching the show I kept myself busy by trying to find churches which hold confirmations regularly. No one was answering the phone in San Miguel (where I was confirmed 5 years ago) so I ended up calling Quiapo. Amazing how the same sacrament costs 100 pesos in Quiapo and 600 pesos in San Miguel Church, am I the only one who believes this is just crap by the Catholic Church? Crap which I'm obliged to follow because I'm getting married IN the Catholic Church. Don't get me wrong, I'm not atheist. I just think that people should be able to avail of Sacraments without fees. I also called other churches just to be sure that I've covered all the bases. Mount Carmel and OLA in Marikina both refused to confirm Ruy as we're not getting married there (isn't that more crap)? I also called NSO and Marikina City Hall to ask for their requirements for the certifications we'll be needing in the future. I was also trying to see if it would make more sense for us to get married civilly first.

My mom dropped my sister off our house and she went to Divisoria (my mom's currently obsessed with her DIVI shopping sprees). My sister, my aunt and I decided to go to St. Luke's where my mom's clinic is to wait for my mom there.

My sister slept, so did my aunt (my mom's clinic has a private room where my mom exercises and my sister plays) and I spent my time contacting florists to get info about their prices. Flowers are really the most difficult for me as I'm not so knowlegable with them. I just know I love looking at them but given our theme and motiff it's really hard to find proper flowers. My mom arrived bearing A LOT of things from DIVISORIA. She delighted herself by asking each and everyone of us how much each item was. WOW, my mom needs to party more.

After a snack in Delifrance, I went to my ENDOCRINOLOGIST. I was so happy with him cause he was able to really tell me what's wrong with me (PCOS with elevated Thyroid hormones) and he promised me two things: 1. I'll be back to my natural weight by my wedding 2. And the most important thing, I can have babies without any problems. I am soooooooo relieved. The weight gain is secondary to the baby.

My doctor was really nice by the way. In case anyone needs help with their PCOS he's the one to go to. He was the one who cured my aunt so I'm confident.


Staring at a Blank Wall


Ruy wants to have white walls. I was stunned, I asked him "What about me, made you think I would be happy going home to a house with white walls?"

Just venting.


To B? Or not to B? and What color should or B be?


To b or not to b? What is B? BAGUIO! Ruy's parents invited me to join them on their trip to Baguio next week and I'm still not sure as to my decision. I desperately want to go to Baguio as I've never been there with Ruy. I like these trips although this will be our first really long trip with their whole family. I'm sure there will be awkward moments but I vow to sleep during the said moments.

Why am I hesitating? I should be jumping up and down now cause the trip is relatively free. Not a lot of money to spend except on pasalubongs and if Ruy and I would go out on our own. The thing is, I'm not sure if I want to miss work again. Basically I'll be losing around 1,600 if I miss work despite being paid for my leave. Why? It's hard to explain, basically we ahve a complicated salary system.

I want to go, but should I? AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH


What color should our B be? What color should our bathroom be? I never imagined that this would be a difficult situation. I thought bathrooms were supposed to be white. Ruy's mom said that it gets dirty easily if it's white. I agreed with her temporarily then I realized that I'd rather have something that gets dirty easily, so I can see if it's dirty. And if it's dirty then I should clean it. YES, I have taken it upon myself to clean our bathroom. I don't think I'd trust anyone else to do that. Ruy wants to get a maid, but I refuse. I don't want a maid, not yet anyway.

Back to the color of the bathroom, I just want a plain white and wood bathroom. It seems so boring though. Ideas anyone?


Thin, Rich and Married


These are my three goals. Yes I am writing it down for the whole world to see so you can mock me if I fail. How did I try to achieve these goals today?

THIN - I ate cereals for breakfast. And tuna and mandarin oranges for lunch. I skipped my customary iced tea and fruit shake and settled for gallons of water instead.

RICH - since I didn't buy iced tea and fruit shake or carbonara I havent' spent anything all day. I'm sooooo going to be rich.

MARRIED - I'm asking Ruy to choose his barong supplier, Mang Rey or Veluz.

Small steps baby, small steps will get me there.


Name-Schname; Lucky Underwear; Edit; Love You More


I'm amazed at how people have called me different names at different points in my life. Here are some of my names:

  • Olivia - my real name, makes me kilig when Ruy says it. Scares me when my mom says it.
  • Livia - what my mom calls me, what my mom uses when she talks about me as well.
  • Livia Dear - what my mom calls me when she writes letters to me (this rarely happens)
  • Inday - what my Lolo used to call me. My Lolo's from Iloilo and this is a term of endearment
  • Baby Boy - my dad and several of my guy cousins called me this because I was a tomboy when I was a kid and I would climb trees, have eating competitions and run up hill with my KUYAS.
  • Olivetti = my aunt called me this as a term of endearment.
  • Friendly = a name with a long history. Lou Anne wrote a letter which spelled Friend as FREIND, so I teased her about it by calling her FREIND. Then she called my FREINDLY...which eventually evolved into the saner version FRIENDLY
  • Lia = my official nickname when I was a kid. The reason is I couldn't pronounce my name so I would say that my name is "Olia". People started calling me Lia.
  • Liv = my mom's ex called me this and it sort of stuck with a certain group of friends. When I was in college I used this name too as I had a blockmate named Ria and everytime people called her I thought they were calling me.
  • Livi = my office nickname. My french clients call me this and I love it. I was just teasing around and it sort of stuck. so now everyone's calling me Livi or Livie.
  • Shorty = Chum used to call me this to tease me about the fact that I was short. Damn him, everyone would look like a midget beside him
  • Ata = my sister calls me this. Sometimes when I feel like teasing her, I force her to call me PRETTY ATA instead. =)
  • Ta Lia = my nephews call me Ta Lia as a shortcut of Tita Lia....
  • Ruy has no pet name for me....but he's my PUDYOT...wahahaha just kidding. Ruy would kill me if I call him that.


I have this underwear which I bought from TOPSHOP which I think is my lucky underwear. I don't like wearing it all the time cause it's lace, and as people now lace isn't the most comfortable underwear. Anyway I was forced to wear it today as it was the only one I saw in my other house. Then, out of nowhere Ruy asked me out. I realized that the past few times I've been asked out by Ruy, I was wearing the same underwear. This is now officially named my lucky underwear. I will buy a lottery ticket tonight and try it out.


I'm sorry for all my grammar and spelling errors. I usually write my blog while talking to clients. I promise to spell check and review my posts often...or at least I'll try.


Jen made a comment that she's sure that Ruy wouldn't cheat on me as he's so into me. This is not the first time I've heard this comment. People have been telling me how obviously into me Ruy is. I'm flattered of course but then...aren't I obviously into Ruy too?

People might think I'm this evil person stringing Ruy around. But i'm not..I can be nice!!

I would have to admit that in the beginning Ruy was way more into me than I was with him. But after a year or so, the tables turned . I think I was more into him than he was into me. Now, we're on equal grounds but sometimes we still fight about who's more into who...this is why we've both decided that the inscription in our wedding ring would be :

Love You More



Instructions: Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.So here are my ten simple pleasures:

  1. One = funny, smart and evil people like Patxie, Angelique, Vicki, Michael de Villa, Friendly, Mayot, Patrick Tiongson, Jen and LOI!!
  2. Two = breakfast with Ruy
  3. Three = Ruy, is someone obsessed?
  4. Four = Iced Tea
  5. Five = Sundays playing with my sister and teasing her
  6. Six = feel of Ruy's hand on my back
  7. Seven = hugs
  8. Eight = reading something poignant
  9. Nine = talking to my favorite clients
  10. Ten. = my grandmother

Your turn!! I'm tagging the following

  1. Friendly
  2. Patrick Tiongson
  3. Van
  4. Jen (ni Eric)
  5. Arvi
  6. Angie
  7. Maeyho
  8. Gewi
  9. Joanne
  10. RUY (even if you have no blog)...hahaha


Honey I have an IQ!!!


I just took an extremely difficult IQ test and when the results came out I was so pleased that I called a friend and said "HEY , I have an IQ!"... a statement which shows just how low my IQ really is. hehehe

Speaking of IQ, let's talk about being smart. 2 people have told me to read this book called"Smart Couples Finish Rich" (thank you JEN and DATA) I finally followed their advices and bought this book last night. I must say that I'm not disappointed, I can see the value of the book. I'm looking forward to discussing the content with RUY. I like the way Data and Benc did it, Data would read a chapter then pass it on to Benc and they would discuss it. I don't think I can do that though, I'll probably have sleepless nights reading the book then force Ruy to read it and harass it for not reading it fast enough.

I have already told Ruy we're going to have "money talk" soon. We need to lay down our expectations, what we're going to be paying for in the future. How are we splitting the expenses, what are the rules regarding giving to relatives, etc. Another important thing is finding out how much we're both worth right now. I must say that with the car, the house and wedding expenses I'm worth somewhere below zero right now...hehehe I'M POOR!!!


I can't believe that YASMIN now costs 640 (thank you CYNCH for the heads up) how can something jump 80 pesos in one month? I feel even worse cause Jen said that in the US the insurance company pays for this. Damn the Philippine Health Care System!

Up for the Challenge?


I LOVE MY COMPANY. This is just too hilarious. I know it looks silly, but we are seriously in need of people:

iTi Consulting is a Swiss international company that specializes in English distance learning. It was founded with a vision to provide superior English training using the latest in communications technology and the finest individuals in the training industry. Recognizing the presence of a highly educated English-speaking workforce in the Philippines, iTi Consulting was established in Manila and began its operations in 2003. iTi Consulting Manila is the headquarters for training and IT operations, managing worldwide operations such as those in the US and Canada. In less than 18 months, iTi Consulting has become the leader of English distance training by telephone in Europe.iTi Consulting’s success lies in its people. Its workforce consists of top-notch individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that our learners receive the finest service possible. With skill and productivity as our main recruitment criteria, we make certain that only the exceptional are hired.
IT job openings:

Senior .NET Developers


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Required skills: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net., MSSQL, OOP design principles.
  • Must have more than 5 years of work experience in software development, with at least 2 years as lead developer for Web applications.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
  • Full-time positions available.
    Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: Senior .NET Developers in the subject area.

Junior .NET Developers


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Required skills: C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net., MSSQL, OOP design principles.
  • Preferably experienced employees specializing in IT/Computer - Software or equivalent.
    Fresh graduates/beginners are also welcome to apply.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
  • Please send your resume to or
  • Indicate FR: Junior .NET Developers in the subject area.

Software Testers


  • Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma or Bachelor's/College Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Required skill: MSSQL.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in the related field is required for this position.
    Experience in test design and planning, use/creation of automated testing tool such as Mercury WinRunner/LoadRunner or Open STA, and testing in various platforms.
    Experienced in at least 3 of the following is preferred (Functional testing, Reliability testing, Regression testing, Stress testing, Performance testing, Load testing, Bug monitoring and control).
  • Should have background in the following: relational databases, Web technology, Networking, OS and Troubleshooting.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
  • Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: Software Testers in the subject area.

.NET Architects


  • Candidate must possess at least a College Diploma or Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Must know the design and development of Web applications and database systems and should know how to create the best Web architecture, system integrations and reviews.
    Must have more than 5 years of working experience in software development, with at least 3 years as lead developer for Web applications.
  • Required skills: .NET Technology, ASP, C#, and SQL Server 2000/2005.
    Must have excellent analytical, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
    Must have good communication skills.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Libis, Quezon City.
  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
  • Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: .NET Architects in the subject area.

Project Managers


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree or Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Must have a working knowledge of project management methodology (project planning, budgeting and control, change management, issue management, requirements gathering and validation, project reporting and documentaton, etc.).
  • Must have a minimum of 6 years experience in project management, specializing in software application.
  • Should know how to make decisions and use the best practices in every step of the system development life cycle.
  • Should know how to set directions for system standards, timely project deliverables and quality of the system being implemented by the team.
  • Required skills: .NET Technology, ASP, C#, and SQL Server 2000/2005.
  • Must have excellent analytical, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
    Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: Project Managers in the subject area.

Web Design Specialists


  • Create compelling user-centered visual design concepts for interactive products, optimizing the use of screen layout and user interface elements.
  • Assist creative/design team in development of product strategy, including creative platfrom, storyboards, creative concepts, and production specs.
  • Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulates strategies and plans for future enhancement of Web sites.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree or Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology, Art & Design, Advertising/Media or equivalent.
  • Should have at least 4 years of experience as Webmaster.
  • Required skills: HTML, Javascript, Flash Animation.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
    Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: Web Design Specialists in the subject area.

Junior Database Administrators


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree or Post Graduate Diploma / Master's Degree in Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
  • Must be able to design and execute database loading, implement advanced recovery plans, backup, recovery console etc.
  • At least 3 years work experience in design, management, maintenance, and administration of MSSQL 2000.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
    Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
    Full-time positions available.
    Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: Junior Database Administrators in the subject area.

IT Support


  • Candidate must possess at least a High School Diploma or Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology, Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
  • Required skills: Windows NT/95/XP applications.
    Preferable skills: Software Development.
  • Required language: English.
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Eastwood, Quezon City.
  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.
  • Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.
    Full-time positions available.
    Please send your resume to or Indicate FR: IT Support in the subject area.


Ruy's Rubbers


Yup Ruy's Rubbers, his tires, actually my tires since he bought them for me. As some of you know my tires are going bonkers, apparently they're horribly mishapen and in danger of exploding if I go really fast. Leave it to RUY and ARVI to scare the shit out of me. I was already set on buying second hand tires to replace my sucky tires but noooooh Ruy and Arvi tell me that I shouldn't be scrimping on something so important. I finally concede and tell them "ok, i get your point I'll change it at the end of the month"

Ruy still is unsatisfied though and yesterday he called me to tell me he has bought tires for me. Not 2 as I originally planned but 4! GOSH, as if I could afford this right now. I'll be paying Paul Vincent, my car insurance and car registration, etc. I'm not the richest person right now. Good thing Ruy paid for it. =) I'll have to pay him back really soon...or do I? hehehe

So he insisted on waiting for me to go home last night so he can personally give me the tires. I went home at 10:30 as I went overtime once again. I felt so bad for him as I know he needs to leave early in the morning the next day. I told him he shouldn't have brought it over as I could have picked it up myself the next day, I couldn't help but laugh when he told me "but if I didn't bring it over there'd be no 'kilig' factor"...WHAT? hahaha Only Ruy can find romance in a set of tires!

I really loved seeing Ruy last night but I couldn't enjoy it cause I'm acutely aware of the fact that Ruy is tired and really needs to rest. I hate that feeling, I hate wanting him there yet knowing that he needs to be somewhere else. I used to envy those people who could demand time, money, and effort from their partners without any consideration as to their partner's current situation. I used to wish that I could be just as selfish/self-centered as them, but now I know better. I know how important it is for me to take Ruy's situation into consideration and for him to do the same to me. MUSHY.....ewwwwwwww


Les Fleurs


Ruy took me to Dangwa to buy flowers for my lola. My lola loves flowers and as I'm the lola's girl, i'm the one tasked to buy the flowers and to force my cousins to pay up. =) While I was bugging the vendors Ruy disappeared and later on reappeared carrying a bouquet of the most beautiful purple rose.

It was a bit weird receiving a bouquet of flowers in the middle of Dangwa but hey flowers from Ruy are always welcome.

When we were in the car I asked Ruy why he gave me flowers. I admit I was fishing and expecting a bit of mush. Ruy said "Wala lang, cause we were there and I know you like this kind of flowers so I thought I'd get you some cause it won't be as nice if you buy it for yourself"...Times like these, thoughts of strangling Ruy comes to mind but the sight of the flowers cheers me up so I content myself with taking pictures of the flowers...but apparently Ruy's monologue is not finished...

"Atsaka para you wouldn't put in your blog that I don't give you flowers. I give you flowers naman ah. I give you flowers every Valentine's day. "

I kept on trying to tell him that "NO" he doesn't give me flowers every valentine's day. In fact he's only given me flowers one Valentine's day. So to refresh my mind, I thought of reviewing what Ruy has given me in the past.

Valentine's Day 1 - a violet knit top and tickets to a concert. we were both poor then so we had the cheapest tickets.

Valentine's Day 2 - he gave me BOYZIIMEN tickets. FRONT ROW....

Valentine's Day 3 - he gave me FLOWERS.

Valentine's Day 4 - he gave me the necklace I love.

Valentine's Day 5 - he gave me cake (cause I told him I refuse to accept over priced flowers and gifts now that we're paying for our wedding and our house).

So you see, Ruy hasn't given me flowers every valentine's day but I don't mind. He gave me other things. The thing is, women would appreciate receiving flowers more during times when there are no occassions. I think that's a thousand times sweeter than receiving some on valentine's day.

Feeling Rich


Last Saturday Ruy and I drove all the way to Pampanga (for the food) then back to Bulacan to look for people who could make our wedding rings. I would like to thank all the people who gave me names of jewellers in Bulacan. It's amazing cause we'd be saving somewhere between 4k-10k just by having the jewelry made there.

We saw this lady who sold Sapphires for 20% of the price I was being offered here in Eastwood. I told Ruy that we should already buy it as it's quite a steal and because the shape of Sapphire we needed for Ruy's ring is so difficult to find. Ruy agreed so we ended up buying sapphires for his ring and mine. Ruy saw this collection of gorgeous Black Sapphires and he decided to buy two for his brother who adores the color black. I also saw this heart shaped amethyst which I decided to buy for my sister who collects gemstones.

When we were outside the store Ruy said "Naks, we're shopping for gemstones" and I said "Yeah, cause we're so rich and all"....wahaha if people only knew how much we paid for those stones...

We found a shop who was willing to make Ruy's ring for only 12k. This was quite a steal considering that there was a relatively big diamond and that the lowest price we were quoted here in Manila was 16k. Isn't that amazing?

I'm so Excited!!


... And I just can't hide it! Hehehe. Our house is being built already, with walls and all. Ruy invited my cousin who's an architect over to have dinner in his parent's house then visit the site of our house which was practically a stone's throw away from his parent's house.

Ruy's mom gave us the grand tour of the subdivision which is still currently being constructed. It's so exciting! It's true that the house is tiny, practically the size of a 2 bedroom condo unit, but it's our house!! OURS!! It's so exciting.

I have no problem regarding the size of the house for several reasons:

  • We have plans of leaving the country in 5 years. Or at least I plan on leaving the country and Ruy agreed to consider this plan in 4 years.
  • It will be only Ruy and myself as I don't plan on getting a maid.
  • No babies. I refuse to have kids yet. Maybe in 4-5 years.
  • Ruy's in the province 3-4 days a week. It will only be me. If I don't want to be alone, I'll probably go home to my lola's house.
Ruy's mom was against turning the 2 bedroom house into a one bedroom as she wanted to know where we're going to put our baby when we have one. Instead of having to eplain the fact that I don't want to have kids yet (something which Ruy's relatives are outraged with) I just told her we'll leave the baby with her as her house is less than a km away. Hehehe.
I just need to be proud of my Kuya. My kuya is an architect and he's the magna cum laude of his batch. (First in 2 decades, no one has ever gotten Summa Cum Laude) Yesterday when he was inspecting the house I was so impressed. No I understood why he's overloaded with projects. He's brilliant!! Ruy's mom seemed happy with him (she even asked him to design a frame for his antique). I couldn't help but be proud. Kuya explains so well, you cannot help but understand what he's saying. Despite now knowing anything about plumbing, etc., I actually understood the things he wanted to do with the house. I'm so happy he's my relative, otherwise I'd have to pay him. =)


It's not Normal


Just another proof of how strange my company boss is the policeman (who refuses to give me an NBI clearance)





So let me try to cram 4 days into this little space starting with Friday!

Friday = remember the Vodka which Arvi and I drank in Samar? We never got around to finishing it so Ruy decided to ask his cousins to go to his house and have a vodka drinking session. Since Ruy was drinking, I decided to have fun with alcohol myself. My compwasany decided to have a MARGARITA NIGHT. It was fun, shocking, and HOT HOT HOT! I went home at around 4 in the morning, much to the chagrin of my ever alert grandmother.

Saturday = So as I have said earlier, I went home at around 4am on a Saturday morning. I went home and went straight ahead to wrapping a gift I had for Ruy. Actually it's more for me than for Ruy. In fact what I told Ruy was this "I have something for you but it's for me!"....Ruy, who is now used to all my odd comments just laughed and said "what is it?"....and guess what? It was a pink shirt! Hahaha, trust me Ruy it's for your own good. He hasn't worn it so I'm sure he's still getting used to the idea. Knowing Ruy he'll end up wearing it even if he hates the idea.

After the gift giving, we went to Ateneo to meet with Arvi and Abi. Abi was a bit late so Arvi toured us around Ateneo. I was surprised at how much has changed, has it only been 3 years? Anyway the highlight of the Ateneo trip was when I forced the ladies in the cafeteria to name a shake after me. Hahaha! First Samar, then Ateneo, next the WORLD!! (insert evil laughter here)

When Abi finally arrived, we all went to the original Dampa near the airport to give Abi her first taste of this oh so yummy experience. It was hilarious how it was Ruy and Arvi who ended up buying from the market as Abi and I both don't know how. To say we had a feast would be an understatement. The boys went crazy food shopping! We had a seaweed salad, mangoes, chili crabs, buttered shrimp, baked mussel and baked oysters. FANTASTIC!! The crab, no matter how yummy it was still couldn't compare to the CRABEH from Samar.

We then went to Mc. Do in Macapagal Highway to order Shake!!! Ruy ended up finishing his shake and mine. The cousins had strawberry while I ordered choco. By this time Abi and Arvi were both sleepy so we decided to drop them off Ateneo (were both their cars were parked) so Ruy and I could go watch MI3. I actually liked it despite my hatred for Tom Cruise!

After watching the movie I went car care shopping. I bought things to use for washing my car. The thing is, I'm not a car person. But not counting the house Ruy and I bought, my car is my biggest purchase ever and I think I should take care of it a bit.

SUNDAY = after mass with my family. I started to work on my car. Washing my car was so much fun! I can't believe I haven't done it before. The downside is seeing all the little scratches I have made because of my carelessness, now I'm so tempted to have my car repainted. Damn if only I can afford it.

Ruy and his other cousins went to a resort only to see that it's incredibly full. Ruy called me to tell me that they were disappointed so I invited them over for a swim. I saw Ruy but unfortunately I couldn't join them because I was helping my mom move 2 computers from one table to another.

MONDAY: I DIDN'T HAVE WORK!! Yohohoy!! It's another one of the millions of French Holidays and I'm not complaining. I went to the Doctor to have my throat checked again. I then went home to challenge my sister to a game of BOMBER MAN. Do you guys remember this game? =) I was so happy, I finised the game with 46 lives.

After the game, I went to National Bookstore where I bought some books and a map of Samar. Ruy and I are already excited about our next trip to Samar. Arvi, you coming?

That was my long weekend. Notice how we didn't do anything wedding related? I'm really tired of all the wedding preparations and am extremely tempted to just get married civilly. Not that Ruy would agree to this


We'll always have Samar


I finally have one picture from our Samar trip. This one is courtesy of Ruy's cousin, Arvi.

This is a public beach. Imagine?!! You just have to park at the side of the road and run down to this beautiful beach.

Busy as a Busy Bee...WHAT?


Yesterday I worked for 14 hours. I think I'll have to do the same tonight. Tomorrow will be even worse......gosh. I want to sleep sleep sleep. I want to chat with my family, I want to chat with my best friend. I want to see my sister but nooooooohhh, too much work. =(


Yes, I'm back


My goodness, I never knew people actually read this blog regularly. I have received so many emails asking for updates regarding my trip to Samar. I actually didn't update immediately as I wanted to work first. Honestly, it was my work which made me want to go back. I miss my office!!

So anyway yes, I'm back. A long trip to the beach and back, and Ruy and I are still together. In the words of Ruy's Lolo Rudy "Yooohooo". Anyway, Samar was unbelievably fun. I'd be the first to admit that I had low expectations for this trip but wow I don't remember having so much fun in a place without electricity. Seeing the places we've passed and visited really made me love the Philippines.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

- Arvi, Ruy's cousin has named a dish "Crab-eh" it's the most delicious crab dish we've all tasted. My mouth is still watering. People wouldn't believe the amount of crab we consumed in one meal. I think Ruy had 2 and a half, I think Arvi had 3, I think I had 1 and a half.
- I asked Ruy's Uncle who owns a bar in Samar to name a drink after me. It's of course named "Olivia", Arvi also insisted that the citrus version of the said cocktail be named "Arvi"
- It seems inevitable that everytime I go to the beach I have a drunken photo taken of myself. Ruy took one of me, passed out on the bed after drinking too much "Olivia".
- Arvi and I consumed more than half of a bottle of vodka between the 2 of us. Arvi drank a bit more than I did
- While in Bicol I was talking to the man wrapping laing in leaves. I told hime "Manong, patikim naman ng konti oh", and guess what? He gave us one whole order, he even offered us rice! Why can't people in Manila be this nice?
- We were toured and guarded by 2 people named Joy and Taba, yes they are both men.
- I learned too much about Ruy, and Ruy's family learned too much about me.
- I have met more nice people in a day there than I have met in 2 months here. Are the people just nicer in the province? Or was I nicer when I was there?
- The beaches were incredibly beautiful. I couldn't believe not more people visit that place.

My goal in life. To go to another country, earn an incredible amount of money then go back to a province and be a haciendera. Hahaha

Who Would HaveThought?


  • Who would have thought that an 18 hour trip to somewhere would be fun?
  • Who would have thought that despite all the fights, I'd still be as in love?
  • Who would have thought crabs could taste that good...CRAB-eh right RV?
  • Who would have thought people who are not your family could be so accomodating?
  • Who would have thought I could have fun in a place where there's no electricity?
  • Who would have thought I wouldn't miss television, or radio, or books?
  • Who would have thought I could hate and love Ruy so much at the same time?
  • Who would have thought a place so far and so dangerous could make me feel so safe and welcome?
  • Who would have thought I'd be brave enough to sleep by myself in a room in the middle of nowhere?
  • Who would have thought beaches which are free could be so beautiful?
  • Who would have thought I'd want to go back?



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