I'm so Excited!!

... And I just can't hide it! Hehehe. Our house is being built already, with walls and all. Ruy invited my cousin who's an architect over to have dinner in his parent's house then visit the site of our house which was practically a stone's throw away from his parent's house.

Ruy's mom gave us the grand tour of the subdivision which is still currently being constructed. It's so exciting! It's true that the house is tiny, practically the size of a 2 bedroom condo unit, but it's our house!! OURS!! It's so exciting.

I have no problem regarding the size of the house for several reasons:

  • We have plans of leaving the country in 5 years. Or at least I plan on leaving the country and Ruy agreed to consider this plan in 4 years.
  • It will be only Ruy and myself as I don't plan on getting a maid.
  • No babies. I refuse to have kids yet. Maybe in 4-5 years.
  • Ruy's in the province 3-4 days a week. It will only be me. If I don't want to be alone, I'll probably go home to my lola's house.
Ruy's mom was against turning the 2 bedroom house into a one bedroom as she wanted to know where we're going to put our baby when we have one. Instead of having to eplain the fact that I don't want to have kids yet (something which Ruy's relatives are outraged with) I just told her we'll leave the baby with her as her house is less than a km away. Hehehe.
I just need to be proud of my Kuya. My kuya is an architect and he's the magna cum laude of his batch. (First in 2 decades, no one has ever gotten Summa Cum Laude) Yesterday when he was inspecting the house I was so impressed. No I understood why he's overloaded with projects. He's brilliant!! Ruy's mom seemed happy with him (she even asked him to design a frame for his antique). I couldn't help but be proud. Kuya explains so well, you cannot help but understand what he's saying. Despite now knowing anything about plumbing, etc., I actually understood the things he wanted to do with the house. I'm so happy he's my relative, otherwise I'd have to pay him. =)

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Maeyo said...

WOW! You're OWN House is being built na! Exciting naman yan. Sarap isipin having your own house together. :)

All the best!!! Link kita ha.



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