So let me try to cram 4 days into this little space starting with Friday!

Friday = remember the Vodka which Arvi and I drank in Samar? We never got around to finishing it so Ruy decided to ask his cousins to go to his house and have a vodka drinking session. Since Ruy was drinking, I decided to have fun with alcohol myself. My compwasany decided to have a MARGARITA NIGHT. It was fun, shocking, and HOT HOT HOT! I went home at around 4 in the morning, much to the chagrin of my ever alert grandmother.

Saturday = So as I have said earlier, I went home at around 4am on a Saturday morning. I went home and went straight ahead to wrapping a gift I had for Ruy. Actually it's more for me than for Ruy. In fact what I told Ruy was this "I have something for you but it's for me!"....Ruy, who is now used to all my odd comments just laughed and said "what is it?"....and guess what? It was a pink shirt! Hahaha, trust me Ruy it's for your own good. He hasn't worn it so I'm sure he's still getting used to the idea. Knowing Ruy he'll end up wearing it even if he hates the idea.

After the gift giving, we went to Ateneo to meet with Arvi and Abi. Abi was a bit late so Arvi toured us around Ateneo. I was surprised at how much has changed, has it only been 3 years? Anyway the highlight of the Ateneo trip was when I forced the ladies in the cafeteria to name a shake after me. Hahaha! First Samar, then Ateneo, next the WORLD!! (insert evil laughter here)

When Abi finally arrived, we all went to the original Dampa near the airport to give Abi her first taste of this oh so yummy experience. It was hilarious how it was Ruy and Arvi who ended up buying from the market as Abi and I both don't know how. To say we had a feast would be an understatement. The boys went crazy food shopping! We had a seaweed salad, mangoes, chili crabs, buttered shrimp, baked mussel and baked oysters. FANTASTIC!! The crab, no matter how yummy it was still couldn't compare to the CRABEH from Samar.

We then went to Mc. Do in Macapagal Highway to order Shake!!! Ruy ended up finishing his shake and mine. The cousins had strawberry while I ordered choco. By this time Abi and Arvi were both sleepy so we decided to drop them off Ateneo (were both their cars were parked) so Ruy and I could go watch MI3. I actually liked it despite my hatred for Tom Cruise!

After watching the movie I went car care shopping. I bought things to use for washing my car. The thing is, I'm not a car person. But not counting the house Ruy and I bought, my car is my biggest purchase ever and I think I should take care of it a bit.

SUNDAY = after mass with my family. I started to work on my car. Washing my car was so much fun! I can't believe I haven't done it before. The downside is seeing all the little scratches I have made because of my carelessness, now I'm so tempted to have my car repainted. Damn if only I can afford it.

Ruy and his other cousins went to a resort only to see that it's incredibly full. Ruy called me to tell me that they were disappointed so I invited them over for a swim. I saw Ruy but unfortunately I couldn't join them because I was helping my mom move 2 computers from one table to another.

MONDAY: I DIDN'T HAVE WORK!! Yohohoy!! It's another one of the millions of French Holidays and I'm not complaining. I went to the Doctor to have my throat checked again. I then went home to challenge my sister to a game of BOMBER MAN. Do you guys remember this game? =) I was so happy, I finised the game with 46 lives.

After the game, I went to National Bookstore where I bought some books and a map of Samar. Ruy and I are already excited about our next trip to Samar. Arvi, you coming?

That was my long weekend. Notice how we didn't do anything wedding related? I'm really tired of all the wedding preparations and am extremely tempted to just get married civilly. Not that Ruy would agree to this

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