College Escapades

Once upon a time, there were 3 friends named Patric (in the striped shirt), Loi (carrying the baby), and Liv (wearing the white Ateneo tank top) these three friends liked receiving expensive gift so they thought of a scheme. "Why don't we give a collective gift to people so they'd be forced to give each of us gifts?"

Their plan was brilliant! They would get the cheapest cookies you could buy (the ones that came in pails, similar to what your maid buys when she goes back to the province) and they would decorate it a bit to make it look like they baked it themselves. Then they would give it to everyone a week before Christmas break, so people would have the chance to buy gifts for them. The best part about this, was that they'll be spending around 200 pesos each to give gifts to around 30 people. That would give them a lot of money to spend on gifts for each other!

They divided the plan among themselves. Loi was in charge of the cookies, Liv of the chocolate and other decors and Patric of the wrapping.

So they bought chocolate blocks from Chocolate Lovers, and a pail of cookies from a grocery (courtesy of Loi's mom, thanks Tita Gila). They melted the chocolate and made various chocolate designs on the hundreds of cookies they bought.

Then someone came up with a great idea: "We need to have our pictures taken in front of the cookies so that everyone would believe we really made it." Thus the picture on top. (NOTE: the mittens were unused and the tupperware is empty)

Then came the packaging. They cooked up a 'factory line' sort of process to wrap everything.

The finished product was excellent! The best thing about it was that no one can say anything bad about it cause it was 'homemade'.

A few months after, they suddenly remembered. They were so focused on the cookies, they forgot to give gifts to themselves....bummer.

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