Name-Schname; Lucky Underwear; Edit; Love You More

I'm amazed at how people have called me different names at different points in my life. Here are some of my names:

  • Olivia - my real name, makes me kilig when Ruy says it. Scares me when my mom says it.
  • Livia - what my mom calls me, what my mom uses when she talks about me as well.
  • Livia Dear - what my mom calls me when she writes letters to me (this rarely happens)
  • Inday - what my Lolo used to call me. My Lolo's from Iloilo and this is a term of endearment
  • Baby Boy - my dad and several of my guy cousins called me this because I was a tomboy when I was a kid and I would climb trees, have eating competitions and run up hill with my KUYAS.
  • Olivetti = my aunt called me this as a term of endearment.
  • Friendly = a name with a long history. Lou Anne wrote a letter which spelled Friend as FREIND, so I teased her about it by calling her FREIND. Then she called my FREINDLY...which eventually evolved into the saner version FRIENDLY
  • Lia = my official nickname when I was a kid. The reason is I couldn't pronounce my name so I would say that my name is "Olia". People started calling me Lia.
  • Liv = my mom's ex called me this and it sort of stuck with a certain group of friends. When I was in college I used this name too as I had a blockmate named Ria and everytime people called her I thought they were calling me.
  • Livi = my office nickname. My french clients call me this and I love it. I was just teasing around and it sort of stuck. so now everyone's calling me Livi or Livie.
  • Shorty = Chum used to call me this to tease me about the fact that I was short. Damn him, everyone would look like a midget beside him
  • Ata = my sister calls me this. Sometimes when I feel like teasing her, I force her to call me PRETTY ATA instead. =)
  • Ta Lia = my nephews call me Ta Lia as a shortcut of Tita Lia....
  • Ruy has no pet name for me....but he's my PUDYOT...wahahaha just kidding. Ruy would kill me if I call him that.


I have this underwear which I bought from TOPSHOP which I think is my lucky underwear. I don't like wearing it all the time cause it's lace, and as people now lace isn't the most comfortable underwear. Anyway I was forced to wear it today as it was the only one I saw in my other house. Then, out of nowhere Ruy asked me out. I realized that the past few times I've been asked out by Ruy, I was wearing the same underwear. This is now officially named my lucky underwear. I will buy a lottery ticket tonight and try it out.


I'm sorry for all my grammar and spelling errors. I usually write my blog while talking to clients. I promise to spell check and review my posts often...or at least I'll try.


Jen made a comment that she's sure that Ruy wouldn't cheat on me as he's so into me. This is not the first time I've heard this comment. People have been telling me how obviously into me Ruy is. I'm flattered of course but then...aren't I obviously into Ruy too?

People might think I'm this evil person stringing Ruy around. But i'm not..I can be nice!!

I would have to admit that in the beginning Ruy was way more into me than I was with him. But after a year or so, the tables turned . I think I was more into him than he was into me. Now, we're on equal grounds but sometimes we still fight about who's more into who...this is why we've both decided that the inscription in our wedding ring would be :

Love You More


arevalos said...


my Baby has always been into me... while I have had times when I didn't care if he was around... bad no? then again, having kept him on his toes trained him well in the art of making ME feel loved :D

and well, we're both into each other now naman, so hindi na ako bad :D

arvi09 said...

awww... "love you more" awww... parang title ng isang film. :)



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