Light at the End of the Tunnel

It was a holiday in France yesterday so I was free to bum around and do nothing, that's not what I did though. I started my day pretty early, drove to New Manila where my sister and mom were. We had breakfast and we went our seperate ways, my mom drove my sister to her Kumon class while I did some transactions in the bank. My mom took my car (cause I parked blocking hers) so I ended up walking from the bank to our house. Yeah I know I could have waited for my mother, but I had to watch the season finale of American Idol so I braved the sun and walked the 5 minute walk to my house.

While watching the show I kept myself busy by trying to find churches which hold confirmations regularly. No one was answering the phone in San Miguel (where I was confirmed 5 years ago) so I ended up calling Quiapo. Amazing how the same sacrament costs 100 pesos in Quiapo and 600 pesos in San Miguel Church, am I the only one who believes this is just crap by the Catholic Church? Crap which I'm obliged to follow because I'm getting married IN the Catholic Church. Don't get me wrong, I'm not atheist. I just think that people should be able to avail of Sacraments without fees. I also called other churches just to be sure that I've covered all the bases. Mount Carmel and OLA in Marikina both refused to confirm Ruy as we're not getting married there (isn't that more crap)? I also called NSO and Marikina City Hall to ask for their requirements for the certifications we'll be needing in the future. I was also trying to see if it would make more sense for us to get married civilly first.

My mom dropped my sister off our house and she went to Divisoria (my mom's currently obsessed with her DIVI shopping sprees). My sister, my aunt and I decided to go to St. Luke's where my mom's clinic is to wait for my mom there.

My sister slept, so did my aunt (my mom's clinic has a private room where my mom exercises and my sister plays) and I spent my time contacting florists to get info about their prices. Flowers are really the most difficult for me as I'm not so knowlegable with them. I just know I love looking at them but given our theme and motiff it's really hard to find proper flowers. My mom arrived bearing A LOT of things from DIVISORIA. She delighted herself by asking each and everyone of us how much each item was. WOW, my mom needs to party more.

After a snack in Delifrance, I went to my ENDOCRINOLOGIST. I was so happy with him cause he was able to really tell me what's wrong with me (PCOS with elevated Thyroid hormones) and he promised me two things: 1. I'll be back to my natural weight by my wedding 2. And the most important thing, I can have babies without any problems. I am soooooooo relieved. The weight gain is secondary to the baby.

My doctor was really nice by the way. In case anyone needs help with their PCOS he's the one to go to. He was the one who cured my aunt so I'm confident.

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Shiela said...

Hi Liv ...just bloghopping...I have a PCOS and living in Manila..May i know´your doctors address and name please..If u dont mind..thanks in advance..



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