Honey I have an IQ!!!

I just took an extremely difficult IQ test and when the results came out I was so pleased that I called a friend and said "HEY , I have an IQ!"... a statement which shows just how low my IQ really is. hehehe

Speaking of IQ, let's talk about being smart. 2 people have told me to read this book called"Smart Couples Finish Rich" (thank you JEN and DATA) I finally followed their advices and bought this book last night. I must say that I'm not disappointed, I can see the value of the book. I'm looking forward to discussing the content with RUY. I like the way Data and Benc did it, Data would read a chapter then pass it on to Benc and they would discuss it. I don't think I can do that though, I'll probably have sleepless nights reading the book then force Ruy to read it and harass it for not reading it fast enough.

I have already told Ruy we're going to have "money talk" soon. We need to lay down our expectations, what we're going to be paying for in the future. How are we splitting the expenses, what are the rules regarding giving to relatives, etc. Another important thing is finding out how much we're both worth right now. I must say that with the car, the house and wedding expenses I'm worth somewhere below zero right now...hehehe I'M POOR!!!


I can't believe that YASMIN now costs 640 (thank you CYNCH for the heads up) how can something jump 80 pesos in one month? I feel even worse cause Jen said that in the US the insurance company pays for this. Damn the Philippine Health Care System!

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