Feeling Rich

Last Saturday Ruy and I drove all the way to Pampanga (for the food) then back to Bulacan to look for people who could make our wedding rings. I would like to thank all the people who gave me names of jewellers in Bulacan. It's amazing cause we'd be saving somewhere between 4k-10k just by having the jewelry made there.

We saw this lady who sold Sapphires for 20% of the price I was being offered here in Eastwood. I told Ruy that we should already buy it as it's quite a steal and because the shape of Sapphire we needed for Ruy's ring is so difficult to find. Ruy agreed so we ended up buying sapphires for his ring and mine. Ruy saw this collection of gorgeous Black Sapphires and he decided to buy two for his brother who adores the color black. I also saw this heart shaped amethyst which I decided to buy for my sister who collects gemstones.

When we were outside the store Ruy said "Naks, we're shopping for gemstones" and I said "Yeah, cause we're so rich and all"....wahaha if people only knew how much we paid for those stones...

We found a shop who was willing to make Ruy's ring for only 12k. This was quite a steal considering that there was a relatively big diamond and that the lowest price we were quoted here in Manila was 16k. Isn't that amazing?

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