The Weekend that Was

Where the hell did my weekend go? It seems I just inhaled them all away. It seems that it passed without my noticing it. What was I able to accomplish over the weekend? Nothing. I brought home work and I wasn't even able to pen my files.....aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghh.

Last Saturday we visited this restaurant in Marikina called Windmill. We've (of course you know that when I say we I mean Ruy and myself) heard some raves about this restaurant so we decided to try it out. It claims to serve up steaks, barbecues and authentic Marikina dishes. Ruy and I decided not to try the Marikina Dishes (I'm not too fond of Waknatoy and Ruy doesn't like Everlasting ad Pininyahan), instead we settled for the steak and barbecue. Now when I saw the sign outside which said Barbecue I had images of juicy and succulent Instead we had a 15 peso barbecue on a stick. BUMMER. I didn't like the look of the meat on the stick so I refused to try it I think Ruy said it was average tasting though. While waiting for our tenderloin steaks, we feasted (okay, feasted is an exaggeration) on their garden salad and laing. The gardn salad was the pitts. The dressing was ketchup and mayo (the marikina version of thousand island) and instead of lettuce, it had cabbages for greens. DAMN! The laing was okay but lacking in coco milk. The steaks were a different story though, they were quite good, but pricey for 90 pesos. Pricey cause the cuts weren't too big. I curse the person who told me about this place, we could have gone to Mr. Kabab or Hot Racks. hmmmph

After the disastrous lunch. We went window shopping in MC Home Depot. Ruy decided to have a hotdog from the stand first as our lunch left us both hungry. I had no idea shopping for toilet bowls and bathroom tiles could be so difficult. It's a good thing Ruy and I have agreed on a theme, it makes things a bit easier. We both wanted a strip of stone wall in the bathroom to give it a more "zen" feel. And instead of the typical bathroom tiles, we'll be using textured materials. Like the kind you'll use outside...wooohooo. I love it!

Ruy dropped me off in Marikina so I could wait for my family. My lola finished cooking her KARE-KARE (which is to die for) which I will be bringing over to Ruy's house. You see, my mom, stepdad, aunt and sister were going to see the house Ruy and I are having built for the first time. Ruy's parents were gracious enought to invite us to dinner after as well. It's like pamamanhikan part 2.

I was so proud of Ruy cause he was such a great host. His pizza made from scratch was yummy, and my mom and step dad loved his baked tilapia in Oyster sauce recipe. Ofcourse I was teased for not knowing how to cook. I wish I could refute that statement, but it's true. I don't know how to cook.

It was weird cause going there I got so pissed off my mom and step dad I really blew up in the car. And then we had to be all smiles when we got to Ruy's house. Hypocrisy? Maybe, but I'd rather call it being polite.

My mom said our house was "cute". A polite word for minutely tiny. =) I don't mind, I love the coziness and the fact that it can get paid very quickly. Then we can set our sights on a bigger house. Ruy's dream house is actually very reachable. I hope we'll be able to get that in 10 years....wooohooo talks about the future makes me feel giddy.

Taataa for now. I better work

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