College Escapades = 2

There was a time when i was deluded into thinking that I would go to medschool. Because of this delusion my friends (Loi and Patrick) and I all took up Comparative Anatomy under the bird lady. We have a love-hate relationship with this woman. She made us do crazy things like have a whole chicken eating contests and then had us rebuild the chicken bones.... THEN she would point at certain bones, ask us the name and what is th counterpart of this bone in the human body.

The worst part of comparative anatomy came when she told everyone in class that foot spas are useless as the dead skin would grow back anyway. I BLEW UP...Patric still remembers this time fondly. I told her "So why do you brush your teeth? It will get dirty anyway. Why do you take a bath, you will get dirty too!"... I told Patric I didn't know why I got so emotional over this argument. Patric said it was because she was going against the things I stood for "Which are beauty, indulgence and hygiene"

During the latter part of the sem, things got better. Our comparative anatomy group (which included Mishi) had the cleanest and most organized working area. Thanks to the impeccable hygiene of my groupmates. (we had Lysol spray, Lysol wipes, alcohol) Trust me, dissecting a cat can get pretty nasty and gross.

This picture was our cover for our last project as a group for this class. It was incredibly stupid but we loved it at that time. We photoshopped a flying cat being released by Loi. I MISS YOU GUYS...

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