Sometimes you crave for decadence in your dining experience, but there are times when you just want food. Honest-to-goodness, no frills food. This was exactly the kind of food that I was craving for and this craving led me straight to Quattro.

Quattro has always been known to my group as a drinking place and not necessarily a food place. It was not until I joined my current company (which is run by the son of Quattro's owner) that I began seeing this place in a new light. Slowly, Quattro has become a place to go to for simple and good food.

Our menu for that night consisted of the following: Fried Cheese Puffs, Sizzling Tofu, Chicken Teriyake, Baked Fish, Garlic Rice and Quattro Carousel.

The fried cheese puffs were simple yet addictive. It's not overwhelmingly salty like you would expect as the batter has enough flour to compensate for the saltiness of the cheese. The garlic mayo dip also made it yummier. It was quite a steal at 85 pesos...we weren't able to finish it!!
Next we had the tofu with garlic, mushrooms and oyster sauce. It was a great dish which was lighter than most of the things we had. Once again, this dish was very inexpensive
The chicken teriyaki was another okay dish but it was a bit salty for my taste. I'm not sure if it seemed salty because I've had other dishes with salt in them and I was already saturated with salt when I ate this, or it was just salty. The salt content wasn't offensive at all, you would just need a whole lot of rice to eat with it. =)
Wooohooo, now here's the dish which made me drag Ruy up to here. The baked fish. This is one of their bestsellers and it's my personal favorite (thanks to Ruy who introduced this to me in the past). It's just soooo good!! 188 pesos will get you a white fish wrapped in foil with a garlicky sauce on top of it. I have never had it overcooked so I know that the people in Quattro really know how to cook their fish. I could eat one whole order myself! During this meal however I was kind enough to share it with Ruy...hehehe

Normally, we don't even mention rice in this blog but their garlic rice deserves some mention though. It's WONDERFUL. I have been trying to figure out what they do differently but I can't. My boss (whose family owns this resto, and who came up with the recipe for the rice) also refuses to tell me...sigh

They have a signature drink which is perfect for the summer time called Quattro Carousel. It's a concoction with Singkamas (turnip), Carrots and Cucumber plus a medley of fruits. It's refreshing and it helps you deal with the guilt of eating all the other dishes...after all it has veggies so it's healthy right?

(Our entire meal together with the drinks and 2 orders of Large Bibingka for take out cost us 800++...not bad eh?)



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