11 Things


eleven things on my wishlist
11. a roundtrip ticket to Greece
10. Alex Franco cake on my wedding (I just can’t bear to spend 21k on cake)
9. 100 wishes more
8. To be able to read minds
7. Smaller thighs
6. Complete collection of MAC and Smashbox and NARS and Laura Mercier cosmetics
5. the perfect pair of jeans
4. A really small wedding
3. A romantic dinner
2. That Ruy would eventually change his mind and leave the Philippines with me
1. End corruption in the Philippines

ten random things about me
10. I am terrified of lizards…one ran into my foot the other day and I cried and cried
9. I am part Arabian part Spanish part Filipino
8. My mother is hypochondriac
7. I am histrionic
6. I am a fag hag
5. My mother once told me to choose a boyfriend who loved me more than I love him, I chose Ruy…Now I love him more than he loves me.
4. I love my job
3. I once spent 5 hours inside beauty bar. I had my first make-up kit at 11. I've been allowed to use make-up since I was a toddler
2. I have 20 things running through my head right now…
1. I am a sucker for freebies…free dinner, free chocolates, free anything

nine places i've visited
9. kowloon (hong kong)
8. sydney
7. melbourne
6. boracay
5. San Jose
4. San Diego
3. San Francisco
2. Calaruega =) in Tagaytay
1. BEAUTY BAR…winner!!!

eight things i want to do before i die
8. Go to Greece
7. Give my passwords to people so they can access my stuff
6. Hear mass
5. Get married
4. meet Madonna
3. eat Banana bread
2. see my sister graduate
1. be a make-up artist

seven ways to win my heart
7. Show me care and concern
6. Speak in English
5. Give me flowers
4. Spend every waking moment with me…
3. Listen to my hour-long ramblings
2. Surprise me
1. Know me enough to know what I want and what I need

six things i believe in
6. My relationship with people depends on how they treat me. You are only my friend if you exert an effort to communicate with me.
5. I believe in the Power of Love => thank you for this wisdom Madonna
4. That no woman should die without having an orgasm
3. Madonna is my soulmate…no really
2. I’m nice
1. God

five things i'm afraid of
5. My lola’s death
4. Lizards
3. The future of the Philippines, which is ultimately my future too cause it looks like Ruy wouldn’t want to leave the Philippines
2. Living and dying in Mediocrity
1. when I disappoint people

four of my favorite things in my bedroom
4. My pillows…I loooove big fluffy pillows. Mine are covered in pink polka dot pillow cases. It’s too adorable
3. Doggie…my 16 year old stuffed toy also my confidant
2. My books
1. My writing stuff (notebooks and pens)

three things i do everyday
3. Shower
2. Read
1. Make a list

two things i'm trying not to do right now
2. Get depressed
1. Procrastinate (damn liv finish your freakin report)

one person i want to see right now
1. Ruy




Friendly I miss you so much!!! This is still my favorite highschool picture ever!!!!! It really captures the craziness and fun we had then...and no friendly you were not an outcast then.

A stitch in time...


We're taking the wedding preps baby step at a time. We started out by attending the Discovery Weekend which was truly the best decision we've made. The order of events is actually perfect except for the lack of proposal (repeat after me Olivia "I must get over it...I must get over it...I must get over it"), I think proposals in any form from Ruy are just not meant to be, I think I can live with that at least I'm sure I'll try to.

I must admit that I was a bit panicked when I checked out W@W and saw that most of the Dec. 2006 brides had already started their preps...while I on the other hand was still floating on a sea of maybe-s! So reserving the church last Sunday was really a big deal for me...we're on a roll now...I hope.



Last Sunday, a bunch of us went to Tagaytay to scout for possible venues. Calaruega church seemed even more beautiful now than it did before. Maybe I'm biased, I now feel a sense of ownership as we have finally booked and paid for the church. Now it's MY church...MINE MINE MINE.

Hey I might be getting married but I'm still allowed to be a brat every once in a while. ;p




I can't wait to form more memories with Ruy.

I Miss Boracay


It has been about 4 months since we last went to Boracay. I miss Boracay so much...I wish Ruy and I can go back there, but this time without any issues..


LIV’S NATURAL HIGHS in no particular order:

  • Kiwi (the fruit)
  • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
  • Carrot Orange Juice
  • A phone call from Ruy
  • Funny texts from Patrick like : There's a hot butch lesbian in our office, I'm not gay anymore!
  • Weekend conversations with Carmi speaking for hours without a topic.
  • Depositing in my personal account
  • Good smells, imagine stepping into an elevator and smelling yummy men’s perfume! YUUUMMMMMMM
  • Banana Bread from Red Ribbon
  • Flowers, I can’t stop myself from staring everytime I pass by flowershops
  • Dinners with Ruy…not Lunch…dinners.
  • Hugs
  • staying in Bed
  • Bizu Cake, specifically Strawberry Chiboust
  • Chili’s Tomas MOrato
  • Jacuzzi’s
  • Parlors….
  • Magazines
  • Staying up till really really late…like 3 in the morning watching sitcoms and talkshows
    Marathon’s of TV shows, Sex and the City, Charmed, Desperate Housewives, CSI, 7th Heaven (how embarrassing)
  • Michael du Villa’s perfume…ano ba yun
  • Lysol Antibacterial Spray in the white Bottle...a recent discovery courtesy of Michael
    Playing with my nephews…I can’t believe I have 4 nephews and no nieces. We have to change this Ruy (although I want my first baby to be a boy)
  • Remembering Loi’s silly comments like “mukha kang birch tree!”
  • YM with my Ateneo buddies: Loi, Patric, and Patrick; with the special participation of Affie, Mimoy, Joy, Ria.
  • Hearing mass with Ruy (it doesn’t happen a lot, but I love it)
  • Putting on make-up which I find so hard to remove cause I find it soooooooo nicely done
  • The few times I actually get to have a nice sit down people with my co-workers
  • Friday nights in the office ...can you say PPPPPPAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH?
  • Making lists
  • Talking with the clients I love "Goran, Isabelle, Stephanie, Celine, Cecile, Radovan, Christian, Sam..." the list goes on and on. When you think about it, there are only 1 or 2 clients who've rubbed me the wrong way. I love my job
  • SMS from Ruy....I'm obsessed.
  • Saying "That's hot!" ala Paris just makes any situation funny
  • Reading old text messages.
  • Going to the grocery store, specially huge Grocery Stores



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