Yes, I'm back

My goodness, I never knew people actually read this blog regularly. I have received so many emails asking for updates regarding my trip to Samar. I actually didn't update immediately as I wanted to work first. Honestly, it was my work which made me want to go back. I miss my office!!

So anyway yes, I'm back. A long trip to the beach and back, and Ruy and I are still together. In the words of Ruy's Lolo Rudy "Yooohooo". Anyway, Samar was unbelievably fun. I'd be the first to admit that I had low expectations for this trip but wow I don't remember having so much fun in a place without electricity. Seeing the places we've passed and visited really made me love the Philippines.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

- Arvi, Ruy's cousin has named a dish "Crab-eh" it's the most delicious crab dish we've all tasted. My mouth is still watering. People wouldn't believe the amount of crab we consumed in one meal. I think Ruy had 2 and a half, I think Arvi had 3, I think I had 1 and a half.
- I asked Ruy's Uncle who owns a bar in Samar to name a drink after me. It's of course named "Olivia", Arvi also insisted that the citrus version of the said cocktail be named "Arvi"
- It seems inevitable that everytime I go to the beach I have a drunken photo taken of myself. Ruy took one of me, passed out on the bed after drinking too much "Olivia".
- Arvi and I consumed more than half of a bottle of vodka between the 2 of us. Arvi drank a bit more than I did
- While in Bicol I was talking to the man wrapping laing in leaves. I told hime "Manong, patikim naman ng konti oh", and guess what? He gave us one whole order, he even offered us rice! Why can't people in Manila be this nice?
- We were toured and guarded by 2 people named Joy and Taba, yes they are both men.
- I learned too much about Ruy, and Ruy's family learned too much about me.
- I have met more nice people in a day there than I have met in 2 months here. Are the people just nicer in the province? Or was I nicer when I was there?
- The beaches were incredibly beautiful. I couldn't believe not more people visit that place.

My goal in life. To go to another country, earn an incredible amount of money then go back to a province and be a haciendera. Hahaha

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