Les Fleurs

Ruy took me to Dangwa to buy flowers for my lola. My lola loves flowers and as I'm the lola's girl, i'm the one tasked to buy the flowers and to force my cousins to pay up. =) While I was bugging the vendors Ruy disappeared and later on reappeared carrying a bouquet of the most beautiful purple rose.

It was a bit weird receiving a bouquet of flowers in the middle of Dangwa but hey flowers from Ruy are always welcome.

When we were in the car I asked Ruy why he gave me flowers. I admit I was fishing and expecting a bit of mush. Ruy said "Wala lang, cause we were there and I know you like this kind of flowers so I thought I'd get you some cause it won't be as nice if you buy it for yourself"...Times like these, thoughts of strangling Ruy comes to mind but the sight of the flowers cheers me up so I content myself with taking pictures of the flowers...but apparently Ruy's monologue is not finished...

"Atsaka para you wouldn't put in your blog that I don't give you flowers. I give you flowers naman ah. I give you flowers every Valentine's day. "

I kept on trying to tell him that "NO" he doesn't give me flowers every valentine's day. In fact he's only given me flowers one Valentine's day. So to refresh my mind, I thought of reviewing what Ruy has given me in the past.

Valentine's Day 1 - a violet knit top and tickets to a concert. we were both poor then so we had the cheapest tickets.

Valentine's Day 2 - he gave me BOYZIIMEN tickets. FRONT ROW....

Valentine's Day 3 - he gave me FLOWERS.

Valentine's Day 4 - he gave me the necklace I love.

Valentine's Day 5 - he gave me cake (cause I told him I refuse to accept over priced flowers and gifts now that we're paying for our wedding and our house).

So you see, Ruy hasn't given me flowers every valentine's day but I don't mind. He gave me other things. The thing is, women would appreciate receiving flowers more during times when there are no occassions. I think that's a thousand times sweeter than receiving some on valentine's day.

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gracita said...

hahaha, girls are more reliable when it comes to remembering gifts or special occassions. hindi na dapat nakipag argue pa si ruy :)

although i love receiving flowers din, i feel other stuff (such as your necklace and front row tickets) are more practical. malalanta din kasi e...



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