Our lives have always been very compartmentalized. Ruy's work, Ruy's family, Ruy's friends: Liv's work, Liv's family, Liv's friends...then Ruy and Liv together. I am a firm believer in having seperate lives, I don't believe in the two become one shit. Marriage involves 2 individuals not 2 halves of one whole.

Sometimes though it's fun to integrate each other into the other's life. Last Friday, I pleaded with Ruy for him to come to my company's 70's Costume Party. It's nice to see how the other lives, to see what the other does, who he/she hangs out with...etc.

Ruy, like any normal buman being is entertained, flabbergasted, and shocked with my office. I, meanwhile, am amazed at how normal his office is.

It's amazing how much our work reflects our personality. I am the wacky, funny, outrageous and naughty one, while Ruy is the serious, contemplative, nice one. Together, we even each other out. Patric (one of my best friends) said that God gave me Ruy to lessen the superficiality in my life, Ruy claims that God gave me to him to add some excitement in his life. I'm not quite sure what excitement means, but I'll take it as a nice thing...

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