A long day

Yesterday Ruy and I spent a long day with each other. I had to pick him up as my mom wanted me to test drive my new car with Ruy. Ruy was so excited about the car, I wish I could share his excitement but to me a car, is a car, is a car.

We then proceeded to go to dampa. On the way there we missed three turns, and got caught by the Makati police was already a long day after just an hour into our trip.

Finally we reached dampa, needless to say the food was AMAZING!! Ruy did an excellent job in marketing and choosing the menu...I can still taste it now...haaaayy.

After that we went to the house of Veluz. Let me just say that for 2 marikina based people, Veluz' house is so unbelievably far! Grabeh kakaloka. When we got there we had to wait a little while as the person before me came in late. Then it was my turn.

I now understand why people are obsessed with Veluz. She's something else! She was like a psychologist really looking into your character and personality and finding a gown that suits not just your body, but who you are as well. I am so excited receive her quotation for the gown. I really hope I can afford her

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