Yes, I am posting specially for Veluz, I will be meeting with her very soon and I want to show her gowns which interested me in one way or another.

Let us first establish the theme, I want a jewel tone motiff leaning more on the Moroccan theme. Rubies, Saphires, Emeralds etc. these are the colors I want for my entourage. As for me I want a middle eastern looking gown. The works of Elie Saab really caught my eye, Karolina Kurkova's gown here really really caught my eye. From the first time I saw it I really fell in love with the effect. I also love the bodice although I don't want a tube type gown. I want to have maybe a few drapings on the arms? This is not final yet but this has been my inspiration from day one.

There's another picture beside Karolina Kurkova's, it's also a gown by Elie Saab. It's less elaborate but equally beautiful. I don't want a white gown and the color I want is a combination of the two gowns here. One is too bright, the other too dull...

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