Let's Fight Please

Ruy and I have been fighting more since the Discovery Weekend we attended together last July. Some people might interpret this as the failure of the discovery weekend, a waste of the 5k we spent on it. I think otherwise.

We've been together for more or less 5 years. Throughout this time we haven't perfected the art of fighting. We rarely fought, I would just keep quiet, be a bitch and say "Nothing" when he asks me what's wrong. Ruy on the other hand, keeps it all bottled up until he bursts once or twice a year. Totally unhealthy.

It was only after the discovery weekend that I began to feel comfortable expressing my anger, sadness, disappointment. Mind you I still suck at it, but at least I'm doing it. Ruy has been a bit more vocal about it as well. For the past months we've been fighting every time we're together. Last week we did, but we were able to resolve it immediately before parting ways.

Yesterday, he expressed irritation after which I expressed irritation, but no fighting. I think we're getting better at it!

I told him 3 weeks ago that I find the fighting refreshing, I know that I can get mad, and he can get mad as well without us feeling the need to break up. Breaking up has never been an option.Someone once told me that it's not how many times you fight that's important, it's how many times you make up (and make-out) that defines the status of your relationship. I think I agree

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