I saw this picture of Caleruega and I was just overwhelmed. It's just so beautiful, it totally matches my theme.

People have been asking me how we ended up with this church. Truth of the matter is this church doesn't reflect my personality at all. I wanted a melancholic look for my wedding, I wanted it vintage-y and romantic. Ruy wanted it happy. I told him "I don't do happy" .

When Ruy first showed me this church I had so much against it. First, it was too happy. It was so cheerful I couldn't stand it at first. I couldn't deal with all those colors. I found it too gaudy actually. The fact that it was out of town and would cost an arm and a leg was also an important consideration. Third contention was that my lola would have a difficult time climbing it as it's too steep. And anybody who knows me knows that you don't mess with my lola. If she can't go then I won't.

Needless to say the first trip ended with Ruy so disappointed and I dissatisfied. We eventually agreed to just look around and find another church we both liked. I don't know exactly how we ended back in Calaruega. Maybe it was because we couldn't find another church. Maybe it was because Ruy really loved that place. I ended up saying okay.

We went back up there with a very smug Ruy. "What made you change your mind?", "What made you realize I was right?"...hahaha.

The church has really grown on me. And Ruy was right the distance made it all the more special. Only people who really cared enough about us would sacrifice their time, money and gasoline to go all the way to Calaruega.

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