Paul Vincent

Talk, discussions, fights...we went through all of these in our quest for a photographer. I (Liv) was being unreasonable as usual, I was upset with Ruy for choosing a particular photographer because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. I'm sure a lot of you are now saying "Huh? That doesn't make sense!", you are absolutely right, it doesn't!

Basically I know most of the photographers out there are good as a matter of fact it is so hard to identify one photographer's picture from the other. However I was looking for something beyond photos, I was looking for a certain rapport with the photographer. I'm a bit uncomfortable with the idea of posing for a camera (Gasp of surprise coming from the people who know how vain and superficial I used to be). Yes people, Ruy and I share the same discomfort in being photographed. That is why the rapport was on the top of my priority.

I however didn't know that I was looking for this, until I found it (very much like the quest of for the logos in philosophy but this is another topic right Patrick?). I remember when Ruy and I were looking for a name for our dog, I was also so difficult to please. There were so many good names being considered but I didn't know what I wanted until Ruy nailed it. In the same way I didn't know what I was looking for untill I found Paul (naks!).

Fun, this is one word I would use to describe Paul. He was also unrattled with my unconventional ideas and my selfishness (kelangan pa bang kasama sa video yung mga bisita, hindi ba pwedeng nasa akin lang ang video?). SO today we finally gave our down payment to Paul. We also talked about some pressing issues in photography. Here are the most important points/questions we discussed today:

  • Can you make me look thinner with your camera?
  • I don't want to go to the guests, let them come to me
  • If I look ugly in the picture, you have to make it blurry, no ugly pictures should circulate in the internet.
  • Can you make me look like a nice person?
  • I want to avoid looking like the contrabida in a telenovela, can you promise me this wouldn't happen?
  • Ruy doesn't smile in pictures, what can you do about this.
  • Yes Paul I've been practicing how to smile in front of the mirror since I was 5
  • Ayoko itong album, mukhang kotse

Vital questions to ask wedding photographers I must say!

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