UPDATES...are We Excited or What?

After several weeks of not having wedding updates, it seems like we're finally moving forward with our wedding preps yet again. Here's a rundown of things we've accomplished (or almost accomplish)

Church - Paid d.p. for reservation
Reception venue - Paid 50% for reservation
Caterer - Paid down payment, will pay 70% 3 months before the wedding. We're finalizing our menu so Engineer Alex from Juan Carlo can use our menu for his next monthly food tasting
Flowers - our choices are down to 2 and Ruy and I will decide on Saturday. We'll be paying for our down payment on December.
HMU - Had my trial make-up, perfectly satisfied. I will make my down payment on December as well.
Bridal Gown - if all goes well, we'll be getting Veluz (fingers crossed), Ruy'll be paying 20k down payment in January.
Ento Gown - i'll be paying Tet either this December or on January
Souvenir - Ruy and I found the souvenirs we liked. We'll be ordering them online so that we can begin working on them. We're extremely excited about this and we swore that it will be a surprise...I'm so excited!!
Invites - I'm considering having a DIY invite, Quitos (Ruy's brother) is really artistic and I'm sure he can deliver. However I need to compute the costs to see if it would cost me less to DIY it.
Decor - my sister and I have begun working on the decor. Honestly, We've finished 5 pieces, that leaves us with around 95 more to go. According to my sister it will take us 6 years to finish it. I hope that my six year old sister is wrong.
Centerpieces - I have several ideas and Ruy has some too. We'll be spending next weekend trying to conceptualize and see which ones are feasible.
Misalette - I've began typing a sample misalette from Calaruega. I'd rather do it know than cram this in the future. If only I was this hard working and organized during my college years, I would have been magna ( I can never be summa as Patric was there)
Ring Box = Ruy and I found this excellent Moroccan looking jewelry container from Oceanic. We decided to buy it already, we now have a ring container and no rings. =)
Bridal Car = included in the Juan Carlo package
Wedding Cake = we currently have two cakes. One that's included in the caterer's package and another from Alex Franco. Which one we'll be getting will depend on the budget definitely.
Church Choir = HELM!! Yehey...this is the first supplier we ever had, because this is Ruy's choir. I've heard them sing so many times and I can say that they can compete with the expensive choirs here.
Entertainment = we MIGHT get Concertino as Toks is Ruy's cousin...although this will of course depend on how much discount we'll be getting =)

All in all I think we're progressing very well. I'm a bit amazed at how much we've accomplished. Here are things we still need to work on in the future.

- Ruy's Confirmation
- Wedding Rings
- Ruy's Barong
- Ruy's shoes
- Guests Accomodations in Tagaytay
- Printing of Misalette
- More reception decors
- Gifts for Sponsors

Is that all? I have a feeling I missed something. HELP?

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