I LOVE RUY soooo much

Ruy asked me what time my breaks are today. I told him 7:20 he texts me this "I'm here in Eastwood, my mom's asking me to pay for her Citibank card again...can you come here and see me?"

My thought bubble at this point was "LIAR!". This was the same excuse he gave me last week as to why he was in Eastwood. Nevertheless I'm happy, I told my boss to block off my dinner break so I can go down without worrying about my clients.

I went down to meet him and he gave me 2 books, one for Helena, and one for myself. Inside the book for myself was ...MADONNA's ALBUM!!

I was literally screaming all over Eastwood...eventually I just said "Okay I'll keep quiet now" I'm sooooo happy!!!

Patric told me " remember this moment the next time you think ruy is a bad boyfriend, he brought you the greatest gift of alll...Madonna!"

I'm so happy...I'm so happy...I'm so happy!!

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