Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Today is Sunday, I'm bored...I'm waiting for Veluz to email me the quotation for the sketches she has sent me and I have nothing else to do but blog. So I thought I would document what I have been doing for the past days.

Last Friday I had a trial make-up with Angie Cruz and Ogie. I didn't know what to expect with this two as I haven't seen their pictures nor heard of stories about them before, good thing that I LOVED THEM. Yes them, the people not just the work. They were simple, humble, competent, well-versed in hair and make-up, sweet and very nice. That was already enough to endear them to me, they were neither cocky nor loud. They were just right.

As for their work, I have to admit I had very low expectations from them. I scheduled my trial make-up this way...start from the cheapest my way up to the more expensive. Why? So that if I'm already satisfied with the cheaper make-up artist, there would be no need for me to spend on the more expensive trials. (my fiance was quite pleased when I told him this, he said "i like the way your mind works!"...thank you Ruy, I do to!). Anyway Angie and Ogie had the cheapest rates so I began with them...when Angie opened her make-up kit I was awestruck...Dior? T. Le Clerc? Shiseido? His make-up was all high-end! And he knows how to use them well. The blending, the color combination, the shading...perfect!

Unfortunately, Ruy was not so happy with the hair. He said it was too 80's...hahaha. Well it was my fault, I wasn't specific with my instructions. I was so satisfied because they executed my instructions down to a T, and they did it artistically. Can you guys tell that I'm in love? Yes I am!! I'm booking them..yehey!

SATURDAY - I woke up at 430. There was too much banging and noise in the house. Everyone was getting ready to go to Tarlac. My lola's sister is celebrating her 80th birthday in Tarlac, Tarlac and for a family like mine that barely goes on road trips, this was a very big deal. So big a deal that they felt the need to wake up in the middle of the night to be able to leave at 5a.m.

Ruy and I followed at 7:30. Ruy just came from the province, driving for hours...picked me up then drove back to Tarlac. Sometimes the patience of this guy astounds me...really!

Our family does not have any province so I don't know how people celebrate in the provinces! (What? they don't drink Tequilla Rose and Vodka in Embassy? Why!! Do they prefer Greenbelt?)Needless to say I loved it!! The simplicity, the warmth, the camaraderie. The litson, was being roasted by their neighbor beside their house. The pig was bought from a "kumpare", it was chopped in front of the guests...and the guests crowded around to grab as much skin as they could. The sauce was also homemade. Ruy enjoyed it too, he said he doesn't remember eating so much skin in 5 minutes (yes that's how long it took for the guests to eat up all the skin).

We had to leave the party at 1p.m. as Ruy and I had to go to Divisoria to buy stuff for our wedding decors. Yes we are going to do it ourselves, and yes we are alotting one year for it as it's really taxing.

I told Ruy that I've never heard of anyone going to Tutuban at 330 in the afternoon. I personally wouldn't be brave enough (and all of my relatives thought we were crazy). But it was actually painless! We found a parking easily, found what we needed immediately and we were able to finish by 6!

I should stop babbling now as Veluz texted me saying she already sent me the email...waaaaaaah I'm so excited. Ciao for now

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