Les Fleurs

Flowers. I adore receiving flowers, but ironically they are not my top priority for the wedding. I was actually quite relieved when Ruy made the decision for my bouquet. He wants the calla lily bouquet in dark colors. We're still trying to see if the florists can come up with calla lillies with the same color as the flowers here.

Suggestions anyone?


geWi said...


Jane said...

hi liv! thanks for dropping by my blog. niwei, u will save a lot if you DIY your stuff. The cord costs me less than 800 pesos hehehe. the real big swarovski was given by a friend. my beads bracelets tokens in glass bulbs costs only 35 baht each. then my invites with my DIY envelope costs only 75 Baht each. basta ganun! just be patient. flowers are also not my priority. wala sa flowers yan. nasa ayos. I am using wild flowers for the wedding. my bouquet will be combination twigs, fruits and wild flowers. calla lilies lang sa altar then wild flowers din sa aisle on bamboo sticks.



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