Make-up Your Mind...I know I have!

I had my second trial make-up last Sunday. I'm really enjoying having people fuss over me. I think I'll enjoy the wedding day so much.

Anyway I had a free trial make-up with a new group called "Make Up Your MInd". I availed of their free trial through w@w and I must say that I was quite impressed with them.

THey began by applying a liberal amount of Vitamin E and moisturizer to my skin. This is their "prep" to make sure that my skin is ready for the layers and layers of make-up . It was followed by foundation, concealer and loose powder.

I made them do a different style of make-up as my mom felt that the make-up I made Angie do was too Sultry and Seductive (which was perfect for me). So anyway I made them do a simpler but still striking make-up style.

My verdict? The look was soooo clean. It was quite impressive how good they made my skin look considering I had allergies that day. They're perfect for the brides who want the glowing, simple, and elegant look.

Unfortunately, I'm going for the really dramatic and really dramatic look. So I'm sticking with Angie.

For the w@wies. THeir rates are so affordable. I would really recommend booking them. If you book before January, the rates would be 5,000 - brides + 2 heads; 750 for every additional head.

I'll post the picture as soon as they send it to me.

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Leah said...

hi liv! fellow w@wie here. was surfing the net for makeup items and stumbled into MAC's different bridal looks. you might find this useful:

hth! :)



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