Reality Check Part 2

I was inspired by Van's way of thinking so I decided to list down future expenses for our household. It's a great way to scare yourself before getting married I tell you.

- Food
- Electricity
- Water
- Cable Bill
- Internet Bill
- Ruy's Cellphone Bill
- Olivia's Cellphone Bill
- House Installment
- Installment for Olivia's Car
- Olivia's Gas
- Gas (for cooking)
- Olivia's Personal Savings
- Ruy's Personal Savings
- Joint Savings
- Baby funds
- Travel fund (negotiable)'
- Gym Membership for Ruy
- ok fine Gym Membership for Liv too...hmmph

Those are the monthly payments. These are things that we'll be paying every once in a while.

- Property tax
- Car Registration (only for Olivia)
- Car Insurance (once again only for Olivia)
- Olivia's Birthday gift from Ruy - must be extremely expensive!

My gosh, looking at this list makes me want to go back to high school!! I wish my mother still pays for everything. Sigh...and to think when I was in high school I was in such a hurry to grow up


Cynchie said...

hahaha! thinking about it makes you scared already, how much more if its in actual na?!?!

i've been through a lot of adjustments since we got married, especially with finances. sometimes i can't imagine how my parents were able to afford raising three kids considering all the other day to day gastos for maintaining the household.

i should say, learn to go back to the basics. kapag mejo adjusted na kayo, and kabisado nyo na ang flow ng finances nyo, thats the time you can more or less splurge again. pero habang naninibago pa kayo, it always good to have a ready cash on hand... you'll never know!

kayang-kaya nyo naman yan. just learn to prioritize. :)

geWi said...

l o l ang dami, ano? samen, what kills us is our insurance payments.. totally whacked out ang budget pag nagbabayad kami nito.

Enrique-Vanessa said...

Hey hey hey!

I didnt notice you have mentioned me in your post hehehe. Hindi naman siya scary ano (sarcastic ba)! But then of course, we really have to plan ahead, kahit konti. Right girl?

Nga pala, you have forgotten something.... Household furniture, decor, and equipment! Di ba, especially if you want them LCD flat screen tv's! :D



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