I Hate it When he's Right

"Honey are you pms-ing again?", this comment really ticked me off a couple of days ago. Is this his oh-so-subtle way of saying that I'm being a bitch? Furthermore, IF I was being a bitch, why should it be automatically blamed on raging hormones? Why doesn't he ever consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, he really did something wrong which warrants my anger?

Why is it that when I'm upset, people automatically assume that I'm being unreasonable? Being illogical? The last time Ruy and I broke up (this was around 2 years ago)my grandmother asked me "Why? What did you do?". Can you imagine? The nerve, the audacity of this people! I am not a bitch just because I want to be a bitch, there's always a reason why I lash out on people.

So what is the reason why I'm being a bitch now?...I'm pms-ing, Ruy's right again. DAMN IT!

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