Ruy has chosen the ring design that he wants. I was so happy because it's the same design that I wanted for him as well. I find the ring so masculine...HOT!

Isn't it bizarre that the 3 jewelers I talked to all gave me quotes wherein Ruy's ring would cost more than mine? Ruy deserves the treat, my gown is going to cost so much more than his suit or barong anyway. But he better take good care of it. If he loses it I'll wring his neck...honestly.

As for my ring, I'm still pretty much undecided. Here are my short-listed designs.

I'm torn between the baguette cut sapphire and the asymmetrical style. Choices, choices!

Meanwhile Ruy and I are just recovering from the biggest fight we've ever had! Actually when you think about it, it's not really a fight. It's actually just me being very very very upset. Ruy said something very insensitive that I can't even write here. Honestly I was talking to Carmi and I think that's possibly the meanest thing that anyone has ever said to me. But then, how can you blame someone for telling the truth?

Things are a bit better now, I cried every night for 4 days. Last night, I didn't. I still can't say I love you or I miss you, or anything like that. But I think I'll get there soon.

Despite this, the wedding preps is still going strong. Ruy has been unbelievably involved. Dorothy (a common friend of ours) said:

Livi, think of it this way. If Ruy didn't think you were wonderful. Why would he be marrying you? If he really thought there's something wrong, why would he be rushing to marry you? He can't wait to make you his, that's why! And the fact that he got you flowers for the wedding? That's a sign!How sweet is that? He's letting you know he can't wait

What was that about? Well Ruy surprised me with a mock-up of my bridal bouquet last Sunday. He insisted on picking me and my aunt up from 168 and he gave me the bouquet and said something like "Please don't change your mind about marrying me?"...yeah yeah it's sweet I know. =)


joanne said...

hi liv! your ring choices are wonderful. very very nice. =)

~Glo~ said...

Nice choices. Men's wedding band are usually more expensive talaga. Unless you have a heftier diamond on yours.



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