Arce -- This is How Ice Cream Should Taste Like

It has been expressed more than once or twice in this blog that I am into cakes and Ruy's into ice creams. It's been a clear and clean delineation. It has worked well for us. I can eat my cake without having to share much with Ruy (imagine me rubbing my palms grinning in selfish delight) while Ruy can do the same with his ice cream.

Our peaceful world of dessert sharing was shattered when Mr. Manila Boy himself opened our eyes to the delights of Arce Ice Cream. He convinced us directly by telling us that they make really good ice cream and indirectly (you should have seen him devouring his ice cream sandwich made out of arce ice cream, it looked almost sinful).

The next day after meeting with Doc Chef and Spanx, Ruy trekked to the nearest grocery store to find a pint of Arce Ice Cream. Ruy took a bite and made a sound which sounded like "Uhm uhm uhm" with matching eyes wide open and a smile on his face. Score one for Manila Boy.

I was hesitant. I am not into ice creams and find most of the local brands to be too artificial. I don't know if any of you can relate to this but I find most local ice creams to be not cold enough. So I take one reluctant taste and boy was I blown away. For the first time ever...I asked Ruy to share his ice cream with me.

From that point on, it has become a staple during our trips to the grocery. Here are the flavors we've tried:

Orange - I love this but Ruy can't stand it. It tastes exactly like the Orange Freeze from Pancake House (which was a fave of mine when I was younger). For people like Ruy who are not into citrus, this is not for you.

Caramel - Love, love, love, love, love this. Oh and did I mention that I love it? Ruy looked for this as Spanx recommended it and this is the flavor which got us both hooked on Arce's Ice Cream.

Dark Chocolate - Ruy's current favorite and I'd have to admit that it's to die for. The best way for me to describe it is by asking you all to go back into your childhood. Remember those Chocolait Drinks which comes in those huge glass bottles? Take the taste of those, make them richer and add more chocolate...then turn them into ice cream. (Ruy said that he felt like he was tasting chocolate ice cream for the first time)

I'd have to quote the film P.S. I Love You...with one bite of this ice cream, life as we knew it ended. =)

Coffee Crumble - this was good but nothing out of the ordinary.

Ube - a creamier version of this popular filipino flavor.

We still have other flavors on our must try list: Dark Caramel, Avocado and Buko Lychee. We'll update you once we've tasted more.


carlotta1924 said...

nice quote. love that movie, btw. =)

orange flavored ice cream? i think it's the first time i've heard of it, but it sounds interesting. my fave arce ice cream is cheese. =)

Sakai said...

am a mantecado lover
also love the orange

Dhanggit said...

that sounds lovely buko n lychee ice cream!! would love to try that too

spanx said...

thanks for the props, liv and ruy!

and the hard-to-find ARCE ice cream is exactly the reason why i started driving around with a styrofoam box in the trunk of my car.

cheche said...

i love arce ice cream too! that's what we usually have pag me party sa bahay =)

Gita Asuncion said...

arce is really one of the better ice creams around.
do they still have the atis and the pistachio flavors?

Liv said...

Carlotta: The orange flavor is something which my husband didn't particularly like. But it was good for me. =) Let me know if you are feeling adventurous and decide to try it out

Liv said...

Sakai: The mantecado has been calling out to me but I haven't actually tried it, as you are a fellow orange lover I will take your lead and try the Mantecado.

Liv said...

Dhanggit: Doesn't it sound wonderful? I'm hoping I'll get to try that soon as well...=)

Liv said...

Spanx: We owe you big time for this enlightenment. =)

Liv said...

Che: What's your favorite flavor?

Liv said...

Gita: Wow! Interesting flavors. I haven't seen those but I'll definitely be on the lookout

Tisha said...

I love Arce's vanilla--it's got a unique taste, kind of mantecado-ish.:) I also like Big Scoop's mint chocolate chip. And I looove Fruits in Ice Cream's Raspberry Rapture--when my friend was pregnant, she specifically requested this flavor at the baby shower.

If you like rich chocolate ice cream, you might want to try the Haagen-Dazs one. My all-time fave chocolate ice cream is the phased-out one from Bun on the Run.

OK, someone loves her ice cream... :)

u8mypinkcookies said...

I like their dark chocolate and almond & chips ice cream :D

caryn said...

i looove arce dairy! i love their caramel and mantecado. i haven't tried their orange yet, but i will soon. i love how the tanginess of orange/mango sherbet bursts on your palate ... and makes the next scoop of caramel ice cream more delectable. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

arce's blueberry cheesecake flavor is a winner... =)



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